Plastic waste recycling technology development 12 companies jointly established new company June 30, 17:25

12 companies including Suntory Holdings Co., Ltd., a major beverage manufacturer, and Toyobo Co., Ltd., a major chemical fiber manufacturer, have jointly established a new company that promotes technological development for recycling plastic waste to establish efficient technology with less environmental impact. I have decided to aim.

12 companies, including Suntory Holdings, Toyobo, and Rengo, a manufacturer of cardboard, jointly established a new company to develop technology for recycling plastic waste such as plastic bottles and bento containers as raw materials, and held a press conference on the 30th. It was.

The new company will use chemical technology to return plastic waste to raw materials without burning it, aiming to develop an efficient recycling technology with less environmental impact, aiming for practical use in 2027, seven years later. I will.

In addition, we would like to consider ways to collect plastic waste efficiently in cooperation with local governments.

According to the Japan Plastics Recycling Association, out of approximately 9 million tons of plastic waste generated in a year in Japan, about 60% is incinerated and used as heat energy, so urgently put into practical use new technology and use it as a raw material. I will proceed.

"We would like to work with not only various companies but also governments and local governments to solve the problem of marine pollution caused by plastic waste," said Takeshi Shinnami, president of Suntory Holdings, who called for the establishment of a new company.