Mobile charges Japan is "more expensive" than three times more than London Survey by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications June 30 12:27

Although the price of mobile phones in Japan is being lowered, a survey by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has concluded that it is still at a high level compared to major overseas cities.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications examines mobile phone charges for the businesses with the most users in six major cities around the world, such as Tokyo, New York, London, and Seoul, every year. Announced

According to it, the charge for smartphones when using 5 gigabytes of data per month is 6250 yen in Tokyo, which is 17% lower than a year ago.

On the other hand, in comparison with each city, it is the second highest after New York's 6865 yen, which is more than three times as high as the cheapest London's 1800 yen.

Also, when using a large capacity of 20 GB, the price in Tokyo is 8175 yen per month, which is 5% lower than a year ago, but the highest in 6 cities.

In Japan, a new rule was introduced in October of last year to reduce the cost of mobile phones, requiring the separation of communication charges and device charges, and major mobile companies have reduced prices according to the new rules. It is still higher than in cities.

At the press conference after the Cabinet meeting on the 30th, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takaichi said, “The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications regards the reduction of mobile phone charges as an important issue, and will continue to work to realize easy-to-understand and inexpensive charges by improving the competitive environment. I'm going."