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to the brand stock index released by the brand valuation company Brandstock in the second quarter, the value ranking of untouched major brands such as Naver and Google surged in the wake of Corona19.

Leading online search engines, Naver and Google, climbed by two steps from 5th and 12th in the first quarter to 3rd and 10th in the second quarter, respectively.

The brand value of non-facing online shopping malls has also risen sharply, so that G-Market climbed two steps to 9th, 11th to 19th, and Coupang to 20th.

Kakao Talk, which came in second place, closely chased the first place, Samsung Galaxy.

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a result of a survey conducted by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry in relation to personnel managers of over 300 companies in Korea, the number of companies conducting telecommuting since Corona was 34.3% of the total, which was four times higher than before the corona.

After the non-face-to-face operation, 16.4% of respondents said that their work efficiency has decreased, while 83.6% of respondents said similar or rather better results.

However, when asked whether to continue or introduce telecommuting, 70.8% of the respondents said "nothing" due to conflicts with existing work methods.


KOTRA revealed that the number of video counseling conducted in response to Corona19 has exceeded 10,000, of which 147 cases resulted in actual contracts and the contract amount exceeded 60 billion won.

4,108 export companies from Korea and 4,754 buyer companies from abroad participated in KOTRA's video consultation.

Consumer goods such as cosmetics, household goods, and foods accounted for 54.2% of the consultation items.