Tomorrow the EU will definitively ratify the citizens of which countries will be able to come to Spain from July 1, which is when the borders are opened to third parties, beyond the Schengen area. The list is already outlined but Brussels has postponed until tomorrow the preparation and publication of it.

Which tourists will be able to enter Spain? In addition to the citizens of the Schengen area, who can already travel since June 22, tourists from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Rwanda will be authorized to enter Africa. Also those of Uruguay, which is the only Latin American country included in the list, and Canada. Serbia and Montenegro, together with Georgia, in Europe, will also be able to visit our country. On the other side of the planet, those allowed are Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand. China would also be included, after Beijing has accepted that EU citizens can also travel to its territory.Where can the Spanish go? To the same destinations authorized by Europe, in addition to the countries of the Schengen area to which they are currently can travel. What happens to the citizens of the vetoed countries that are Spanish? Being Spanish citizens, they will be able to enter Spain but if they prove "causes of force majeure or a situation of need". Those people "whose entry is allowed for humanitarian reasons and people traveling for family reasons, duly accredited imperatives will also be able to access. Real examples: a Spanish woman who has lived and worked in the US for 10 years and who wants to come to Spain in the coming weeks because They have operated on her father. She could enter with a document from the hospital certifying that, in fact, there is a duly accredited case of force majeure. the line between what is a cause of force majeure and what is not very fine, given that as they are Spanish citizens, they can claim that they arrive for reasons of residence ". What problems can be found by Spaniards from banned countries who want to come ? In addition to the relevant documentary check (prove the trip), the main problem is air connections. Most airlines have em already fished to fly, but for the moment what they have started are short-haul flights, since long ones were in the air, waiting for tourists to know from which countries they could travel to which other countries. The fact that Europe vetoes the entry of tourists from the US, Brazil or Russia, for example, means that airlines are not going to operate flights to these destinations yet, so people who reside in these countries and want to enter Spain probably will have to make several links, traveling first between allowed countries, and then, closer to the destination, to be able to make the leap to Europe. Can the Spanish fly from the countries vetoed to Spain? Yes, but the trip can become a real gymkhana. Spaniards residing in these still censored countries and wanting to enter Spain are probably going to have to make several connections, first traveling between permitted countries, and then, closer to the destination, being able to make the leap to Europe. British Airways, for example, flies from New York to London (in the case of the US). American Airlines stops in Dallas, before going through Madrid. There are few direct flights. From Iberia, for example, they explain that they have some flights that connect to the US, one a week, but "for repatriations." The fact that there are few flights increases their prices. What controls should they pass? At the moment it is not decided whether third-country nationals will have to pass specific controls, in addition to those that European citizens already have to pass. . Border controls at airports, for example, depend on the National Police. Citizens of third countries have to present the relevant documentation at airport controls. Nearby sources explain that, a priori, these tourists would not have to pass extra security controls. "The requirements for the entry of a French citizen than a Thai citizen are not the same, of course," explain these sources. What about sanitary controls? In addition to border controls, there are sanitary controls, which are being applied as a result of the pandemic. These depend on the Foreign Health service of the Ministry of Health. At airports, for example, arriving tourists undergo three measures: temperature control, visual recognition and a health questionnaire. This written declaration, in which tourism must declare that it does not suffer from suspicious symptoms and that it has not been in contact lately with any infected, must be delivered by all tourists upon arrival in our country. They should also write down their address and contact details so that, in case they get infected, they can be tracked down. With third-country nationals, a priori, the same will happen. At the moment it is not planned to subject them to extra health controls. What if we go to third countries? Health controls at destination airports depend on the authorities of these countries. Therefore, if a Spaniard is going to Australia on vacation this summer, they should be aware of the procedures that the authorities of this country are applying at their airports. In Europe, the sanitary control measures are similar, as they follow the recommendations of the European Aviation Safety Agency, but in other countries they may change.

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