The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology strengthens call center business management to prevent harassment of telephone calls

  Have you ever received a harassment call starting with "95"?

  "Do you need to buy a house?" "Recommend a wealth management product for you" "Do you apply for a mortgage?" After receiving a strange call, many people will hear similar salesmanship. Harassment calls frequently "bombed" to disturb people.

  Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Notice of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Strengthening the Management of Call Center Services" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice") for the harassment of the people with strong "95" and "96" starting numbers. The rectification of harassment calls strictly regulated the business operations of call center enterprises, and put an end to problems related to harassment of phones and people. In this regard, experts pointed out that although the harassment call looks "unremarkable", it is only a call that will end in a few minutes or even tens of seconds, but there are many gray interest chains hidden behind it or even the black hand of criminals, which not only affects the communication of residents Experience will also create a lot of hidden dangers in society, and urgently need to be tackled.

  Unstoppable, residents are troubled

  In recent years, harassment calls have been repeated, which has caused many problems in the lives of residents. A statistical data released by the telephone information service provider Telephone State shows that the total number of mobile phone user number marks in 2019 reached 1.214 billion times, an increase of about 20.6% compared with 2018. Among them, "sales" has become the type with the most user marks for two consecutive years. , Accounting for 41.35%; "harassing calls" accounting for 15.64%; "fraud calls" accounting for 7.12%.

  "I can answer five or six harassing calls a day, and seven or eight often. I sometimes sleep at noon. A harassing phone call wakes me up." Meng Xiaopeng, who is engaged in medical work, was deeply troubled by harassing calls. "There are those who sell houses, do tutors, recommend stocks, and now I see that the 95/96 beginning is directly pinched off."

  Chen Jingfang, who works in Renqiu, Hebei, said she often receives harassment calls in investment finance and insurance. Since my work is closely related to finance, it is difficult to judge whether it is a financial institution or a harassing phone call at the beginning of "9", which wastes a lot of time.

  Chen Jingfang said: "If it is a general harassment call, I will directly hang up if there is a call marked as harassment call. However, the service calls of banks and financial institutions also start with 95/96, and it is difficult for me to judge whether it is harassment. , I’m worried if something comes to me. Annoyingly, they often call me when I go to work, disrupting my rhythm, which has affected my work."

  It is understood that many harassing calls are bundled with AI intelligent voice, which can automatically dial out thousands of calls a day, and use Internet data to screen and classify customers, and "precisely bombard" users' mobile phones. Real estate, stock trading, financial management, insurance, education, lending, tobacco and alcohol sales and other related business sales and handling are all high-frequency content of harassment calls. Among them, suspected fraudulent harassment calls account for a small number.

  After retiring, Li Lanqing lived in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province. Most of the harassment calls he received on weekdays were local numbers. Li Lanqing's wife almost got cheated by harassing phone calls from criminals.

  "For the elderly, most of the harassment calls that are actively made are likely to be fraud. The other party may choose the elderly, sometimes they are close to you at the beginning, they ask for warmth, and after a large circle, they finally let you spend or invest money. A considerable part of these calls is aimed at the wallet of the elderly." Li Lanqing said.

  Give a heavy punch, and govern section 95/96

  How is the harassment call formed?

  According to industry sources, from the user's point of view, receiving a harassment call may mean that the phone and personal information that he left to the merchant in daily life such as shopping, card handling, and consultation have been leaked or resold; from the caller's perspective Some of them are cast-net automatic calls, some are sent by pseudo base stations, and some are over-marketing. For the first two, telecom operators can strengthen their control, but it is difficult for telecom operators to identify and deal with harassing calls that are excessively marketed or manually dialed in accordance with normal procedures.

  The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pointed out that when interpreting the "Notice", the relevant departments will seize the five key links of "market access, code number management, access management, business behavior management and violation handling", strictly regulate and strive to Effectively curb the problem of call center enterprises using 95/96 numbers to make harassing calls in a short time.

  Specifically, one is to standardize the operation behavior of the call center, strengthen the implementation of the main responsibility, guide the return to the user information consulting business form, require the legal and compliant use of telecommunications resources, ensure the safety of user information, and strictly prohibit making harassing calls. The second is to strengthen the access management responsibilities of basic telecommunications enterprises, clarify the situations where access is not allowed, and cut off harassment of telephone communication channels. The third is to strengthen supervision and inspection and law enforcement. Telecommunication management agencies strictly control entry and code number management, handle violations in accordance with law, and strengthen supervision and management.

  In this regard, Meng Siyue, who is engaged in accounting in Beijing, strongly expressed his support. "Just work hard! This harassing phone is not only annoying, but also easy to deceive the elderly. I think it should be clear where the 95/96 phone should be used, and there should be requirements for the content of the call. Ban."

  At the same time, telecom operators are actively exploring ways to manage harassment calls.

  "China Mobile has always attached great importance to the management of harassment calls, established a centralized harassment call monitoring system, and actively cooperated with relevant government departments to resolutely crack down on the behavior of damaging customers' interests through various harassment calls, purifying the communication environment, and protecting customer interests." China Mobile Lou Tao, manager of the Quality Management Division of the Information Security Management and Operation Center, told the author.

  According to Lou Tao, China Mobile has established a centralized monitoring system for harassing calls nationwide, and has conducted centralized monitoring for harassing calls such as "sound", "voice group calling", and "suffocating you", proactively found and implemented numbers after verification Shut down or join the call blacklist and other processing to realize the automation, intelligence and real-time processing, and further improve the governance efficiency. Since the beginning of this year, China Mobile has blocked 2.56 billion harassing calls every month.

  Dig the root cause and block the harassment phone loophole

  Wan Zhe, a visiting researcher at the Chongyang Institute of Finance at Renmin University of China, pointed out that the root cause of repeated harassment calls is the use of telephones for marketing or fraud, which has lower costs, higher returns, and lower risks. "He just made a few calls, it was very cheap, and sometimes it was even an Internet phone that didn't cost much, and the profit was earned in vain."

  In fact, many current harassing telephones use new technologies and new numbers to wrap themselves up "tall" to confuse people.

  Among them, the "95" section of this centralized governance was originally planned to be used for customer service short numbers and telecommunication service access numbers that are used uniformly across provinces or nationwide. Therefore, in general, enterprises apply for " The 95" segment number is 5 digits or 6 digits. Later, in order to improve the use efficiency, the "95" short number used for telecommunications service access can be extended to 8 digits, and if necessary, it can be expanded to 13 digits. In this way, after an enterprise applies for a number, the number actually used can be expanded by hundreds or thousands. If individual companies resell some of these numbers, they may end up in the hands of lawbreakers.

  Wan Zhe pointed out that to further eradicate harassment calls, relevant departments and enterprises need to proceed from three aspects: first, to promptly publicize the latest forms of harassment and deception to the public, let the pace of publicity keep up with the update of deception, and strengthen the public Prevent consciousness; second, counteract the constantly updated technology of harassment calls, and specifically target new harassment methods; third, increase the coordination and coordination of multiple departments, including collaboration with banks to increase publicity, and the sudden impact on residents Admonish the transfer behavior and cooperate with the public security department to blame the relevant cases more quickly.

  At present, major operators are continuing to exert efforts to prevent harassment of phone loopholes through various means.

  China Mobile currently provides free harassment and fraud phone call alert services for users, intelligently identifies harassment and fraud numbers, and promptly warns customers. This service now covers 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities nationwide; China Unicom develops data such as abnormal numbers and high-risk base stations Monitoring model, simultaneous launch of "Unicom Call Manager" service; China Telecom puts forward clear control requirements for the 95/96, 400 segment business, strictly implements communication resource access management, and conducts comprehensive investigations on operating call centers.

  "We will strengthen the joint cooperation with government departments, Internet companies, and other operators, and work together to cut off the interest chain of harassing calls and protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers." Lou Tao said.

  Wang Junling Wang Zhaoyi

Wang Junling Wang Zhaoyi