Apparel giant Sanyo Shokai 4.2 billion yen deficit The new corona is affected by suspension of operations June 30 14:38

Sanyo Shokai, a major apparel company, closed its financial results for three months from March to May this year due to a series of temporary closures of stores due to the spread of new coronavirus, resulting in a loss of 4.2 billion yen. became.

The Sanyo Shokai announced the settlement of accounts for three months from March to May, with sales of 5.7 billion yen and a final loss of 4.2 billion yen.

This is due to the spread of the new coronavirus, which resulted in a significant drop in sales due to the temporary closure of almost all stores operating in Japan for approximately two months from April.

Regarding the forecast for the next year's year, Sanyo Trading Co., Ltd. has said that it is “undecided” because it is difficult to make a reasonable calculation in view of the worldwide spread of infection and the second wave of infection in Japan. I will.

In a difficult business environment, Sanyo Shokai said that at the end of March this year, it received an additional loan of 4 billion yen from financial institutions and will proceed with financing by selling securities and real estate owned. I will.

In the apparel industry, Shimamura, a major clothing chain company, closed its business for three months until May, with a final loss of 1.2 billion yen, which resulted in temporary closures of stores during the emergency declaration period. Has a significant impact on the business performance of.