3 major convenience stores From tomorrow to plastic shopping bag charge 14:35 on June 30

Starting next month, retail stores around the country will be required to charge shopping bags, but the three major convenience stores will also stop the free distribution of shopping bags and will charge 3 yen per piece, except some.

Three major convenience stores, Seven-Eleven Japan, FamilyMart, and Lawson, will sequentially switch to plastic bags with a biomass material content of 30%, which is not covered by the national system.

However, the three companies will charge all plastic shopping bags from 1st of next month to reduce the amount of plastic waste, and will sell them for 3 yen each, except for some.

Among these, at Seven-Eleven stores, after midnight on the first day, we will post a notice about the charge at the cashier and confirm whether it is necessary to bag for customers who have my bag I will do it.

A female customer who visited for shopping said, "I used to get shopping bags normally, but from now on, I will use my bag for the environment."

"Reducing plastic is one of the biggest challenges, and we would like to ask our customers to bring their own bags to reduce it," said Yuki Toda, an officer at Seven & i Holdings Public Relations Center.