The government is giving'emergency employment security subsidy' for those who suddenly have a hard time making a living with Corona 19. This is a system that pays 500,000 won for 3 months and 1.5 million won for those who are driven to the income cliff, such as special jobs, freelancers, and small business owners who are in the blind spot of employment insurance. The government has been publicizing this system since May. Deputy Minister of Employment and Labor, Lim Seo- jeong, also promised to endeavor to be paid within two weeks (2020.5.7) .

But it is strange. Few people have received this money on time in two weeks. The Emergency Employment Security Assistance was less than a month after the start of filing, and the number of applications exceeded 980,000. It is also a falsifying disagreement that one million people who are suddenly fired or have lost their jobs are urgently looking at 1.5 million won. However, there are many people who do not even hear the reason for the delay, so that the promised payment deadline is over two weeks to reach the end of the month. What's the problem?

● "Delay due to insufficient documentation of income loss"… “Of course it was foreseen,” says the

government. From the last 1st, we received documents to review the payment requirements, but more than 80% of the documents were insufficient and needed to be supplemented. Already, by the end of May, 1,300 full-time workers were hired at the national employment centers to focus exclusively on emergency assistance, but the reason is that they are unfamiliar with their work and are not skilled enough. In other words, there are too many more people than expected to delay work, and the decisive reason is that the applicant's documents are insufficient. Is this really the fault of the applicants for the grant?

● '1.5 million won is desperate money like 15 million won for us now.'

Mr. A, a small business owner, in his 40s applied for an emergency job security fund online on the 2nd. It was too easy to understand because there were too many documents to submit. I thought about it for the first time in my life,'Is this a stupid person?' Even so, I carefully packed the papers and paid them out, but I haven't received any funding for nearly a month. Mr. A's recent four-month income is zero. Alvaro, a construction worker, is barely making a living, but the loans are all overdue, so the situation is invisible . We have planned various funds in line with the emergency job security support fund, which we thought was a light, but it has become a bubble.

● "I believed it was a government promise, but I couldn't even find a hole shop."

Another 30-year-old specialty worker, I wasn't even able to explain the reason for the delay in payment, rather than the subsidy. After dozens of phone calls, the answer from the Ministry of Employment and Labor was that'You have to wait indefinitely because of the delay.' Even the wife of Mr. B, a freelancer, has lost money, so I am in a bad mood about where to expect.

Older applicants who met at the offline application site were in a more urgent situation. The income on their application papers was miserable. In recent months, the majority of the money in the bankbook was less than 100,000 won. The reality they faced was,'Is it dead or living?'

●'One million applications were close'… The Ministry of Employment and Labor says the number of payments cannot be disclosed . However

, despite the desperate story of applicants, the Ministry of Employment and Labor is unable to disclose exactly how many payments have been made and how much they have been paid . He added that there is an'internal statistic', but an unknown explanation that is not yet in the public stage. Is it too much to assume that the number of payments is too small for the number of applications to be disclosed?

●'Simplifying documents'… As

critics of the examination work went into the office of the Minister, the Ministry of Employment and Labor also came up with measures to make it happen in a month. First, it simplifies the complicated document as follows. The application deadline is until the 20th of next month, but if you have not applied yet, please refer. (It was also ambiguous and confirmed specifically to officials in charge.)

1) In the case of small business owners, each VAN company or credit card company recognized each in the document of proof of decrease in sales, but in the future, the details of the names of these companies are also generally sold. It is recognized as a comparison.
2) In the case of freelancers, it was not easy to prove whether the money received through labor or general transaction was not easy to prove in the bankbook.
3) In the case of a surrogate driver, it was not admitted to prove the decrease in income through the app capture screen, but in the future, it was decided to acknowledge it as proof of sales.

In the next three weeks, all employees, including the Minister, are committed to the emergency job security support screening and will be paid as quickly as possible. It is a promise to receive it within one month of applying at the latest. Since the day is a system designed for the vulnerable, it is hoped that this promise will be kept.