China News Client Beijing, June 29th (Reporter Li Jinlei) Oh My God! Li Jiaqi is settling in Shanghai!

  On June 29th, the news that Li Jiaqi settled in Shanghai as a special talent triggered a heated discussion. Some netizens commented that “it is well deserved and brought goods to Shanghai account!” However, some netizens questioned: “If you have money, call it a special talent?”

Li Jiaqi was selected into the public list of the first batch of special talent introduction and settlement in Chongming District in 2020.

"Special Talent" Li Jiaqi

  Recently, Shanghai Chongming District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau released the list of the first batch of special talent introduction and settlement in Chongming District in 2020. Li Jiaqi was on the list, and the reporting unit was Shanghai Qisheng Management Consulting Co., Ltd. According to the data from Tianyan, the company is located in the Chongming District of Shanghai. The major shareholder is Li Jiaqi, with a shareholding ratio of 99%.

  According to the public announcement, the personnel passed the examination and determined to meet the conditions for the introduction and settlement of special talents in Chongming District. The publicity period is from June 23, 2020 to June 29, 2020, a total of 7 days. In other words, today is the last day of the announcement.

  According to public information, Li Jiaqi was born in Yueyang, Hunan Province in 1992. He was admitted to the arts and design major of Nanchang University in 2011. After graduation, he became a cosmetics counter beauty consultant. In 2016, he signed a contract with Beauty One to become a beauty makeup expert. Opened his "lip lipstick one brother" live broadcast road.

  "Oh My God! Buy it and buy it!" "It's so beautiful too"... I believe many people have heard the magic voice of Li Jiaqi. Many people were "conquered" by this anchor who tried lipsticks in front of the camera and the sentence frequently appeared, opening their wallets and rushing to place orders.

  How horrible is Li Jiaqi's ability to bring goods? He can test 380 lipsticks in a live broadcast, and sell 15,000 lipsticks in 15 minutes. The goods in the live broadcast room are often seconds. "You have to be careful. My live room is very dangerous. You can't help but want to place an order after 10 minutes of watching." Li Jiaqi said.

  According to the "China's Leading Anchor Ranking" released by the e-commerce brand newspaper, among the 100 well-known anchors, Wei Ya, Li Jiaqi, Xin Youzhi, Luo Yonghao and Zhang Mofan ranked in the top five. Among them, the average live performance of Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi's live broadcasts were 30 million and 20 million, respectively, and the sales value of goods brought was 85% and 84%, respectively.

  With a magical voice and super ability to carry goods, Li Jiaqi successfully made a circle in 2019 and became a popular influencer. He frequently appeared on the hot search and was selected into the 2019 Forbes China Under 30 Elite List. He also applied to register the sound trademark "Oh My God! Buy it, buy it!"

  Of course, some controversial incidents occurred during Li Jiaqi's live broadcast, such as the non-stick pan incident and the hairy crab incident.

Data map: Li Jiaqi and Yang Qing, an expert in consumer guidance of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission, explain to consumers the precautions for buying old shoes in the live broadcast room.

Controversy: Is it true or deserved?

  The news that Li Jiaqi was settled in Shanghai as a special talent has caused heated discussion among netizens.

  Some netizens questioned, "If you have money, call it a special talent?" "Is this telling us to take the goods?" "Turn on the green light? It's not necessary."

  However, more netizens expressed their understanding. Some netizens said: "Is there anything wrong? After all, it is the top 2 sales talent in the country. Powerful, it is not easy for any industry to achieve the head. Travelling!"

  "People are standing in their present position with their strength. The competition in the live broadcast industry is so fierce, not just anyone can do it. Paying so much tax by oneself, why can't he be regarded as a special talent?"

  Another netizen said: "This kind of talent is indeed special, like Li Ziqi. It is necessary to create conditions for all kinds of talents to emerge, invigorate all walks of life, create full employment, and create innovations."

Data picture: Li Jiaqi and Huang Xiaoming bring goods in the live broadcast room.

Which special talents can settle in Shanghai?

  According to the "Shanghai Trial Measures for the Introduction of Talents for the Application of Permanent Resident Accounts in this Municipality", 11 types of talents introduced by employers can apply for permanent residence accounts in this Municipality.

  Including professional and technical personnel and management personnel with a doctoral degree and corresponding degrees or senior professional and technical positions; personnel who have been awarded by provincial and ministerial governments and above; the city's culture and arts, sports, traditional medicine, agricultural technology and others Special industries urgently need specialized talents in urgent need; other talents in urgent need and who have special talents.

  In addition, according to the "Several Opinions of Chongming District on Strengthening the Development of Talents for the Construction of World-Class Eco-Islands" (Revised Version 2019) issued by Chongming District, we strive to introduce about 10 top talents and 40 leading talents within five years. There are about 1,500 high-level talents and about 5,600 professional and technical personnel. The total number of talents in the district is expected to reach more than 84,000, basically solving the shortcomings in the construction of world-class ecological islands.

  The above-mentioned opinions also put forward the full play of the positive role of household registration in attracting talents, and applying for the introduction of talents from non-Shanghai household registration to Shanghai to apply for the city’s permanent residence registration joint meeting, and strive to give priority to solving the household registration problem through the "one case, one discussion" method.

  The reporter noticed that Yuhang District of Hangzhou City also issued a “live broadcast e-commerce policy”, which clearly stipulates that the industry-leading and influential live broadcast e-commerce merchants can only be approved by the joint and enjoy the relevant according to the highest category B talent (national leading talent) policy.

  Li Jiaqi settled in Shanghai, what do you think? (Finish)