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minimum wage committee must decide how much to set next year's minimum wage by today (29th). Both sides of the labor and management are based on the specificity of the Corona 19 situation, but there are differences in the position within the labor world, so it seems difficult to keep the statutory time again.

Reporter Jeong Seong-jin reports.

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Minimum Wage Committee will hold a full meeting this afternoon to begin discussing the minimum wage for next year.

First of all, the KCTU suggested the minimum wage for next year to be 1,770 won per hour, up 25.4% from this year.

The salary was 2,225,000, but last year's household income was 2.24 million.

[Kim Myung-hwan/Democratic Trade Union Chairperson: (Minimum Wage) Shouldn't the minimum wage workers or the low-wage workers have the minimum livelihood? .]

On the other hand, the KCTU mentioned below 10,000 won.

It is the best position if the level of wage gap for each class can be narrowed due to difficult considerations such as low-wage workers and small self-employed workers due to the corona19 situation.

[Kim Dong-myeong/Korea Federation of Trade Unions Chairperson: In the midst of the economic crisis, we will prepare a

proposal to raise the minimum wage considering the eye level of the public.]

[Kim Young-wan / Head of Planning and Public Relations, Korea Management Association: Companies and some self-employed persons are actually standing at the crossroads. Considering this management situation and our job market overall… .]

The Minimum Wage Commission is going to try to compromise on the minimum wage level after first discussing whether or not the industry is clearly opposing differentiation by industry. It seems likely that this year will exceed the statutory deadline.