After more than a year of being banned for the Boeing 737 Max medium-haul jet, the aircraft manufacturer is allowed to start test flights. The US aviation authority FAA approved the start of corresponding flights with test pilots. There are still several hurdles to clear before the model can be used for air traffic. According to industry information, this should not happen before September. 

The Boeing 737 Max is the new edition of the medium-haul jet 737, which was built in the 1960s and was designed for less fuel consumption. After two crashes with a total of 346 deaths, regulatory authorities around the world had banned the 737 Max in March 2019. In addition, Boeing has not been allowed to deliver new aircraft in this series. 

The main problem was the MCAS control program developed for the 737 Max, which according to test reports played a decisive role in the crashes. However, required improvements to the control system dragged on.

Boeing is suspected of rushing the misfortune flyers onto the market and neglecting safety. The group rejects this, but has admitted mistakes and glitches. 

The damage for Boeing already amounts to a double-digit billion amount and brought the manufacturer into an unprecedented crisis. Then the corona pandemic caused global air traffic to collapse. Since then, airlines around the world have barely been able to use additional aircraft. European competitor Airbus is also feeling this: in response to the aviation crisis, the group will cut its production and deliveries by 40 percent and cut thousands of jobs for two years.