China News Service, June 30 (Zhang Xu) According to information from the State Administration of Market Supervision, a few days ago, Mercedes-Benz (China) Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., Beijing Benz Automobile Co., Ltd. and Fujian Benz Automobile Co., Ltd. 668,954 vehicles were recalled from December 18, 2014. Involves imported Mercedes-Benz C-class cars, SLC-class cars, GLC SUV cars and other models. The junction of the high-pressure fuel pump and the low-pressure fuel pipe of some vehicle engines within the scope of this recall will suffer from a long-term heat load and the sealability will be reduced. When the vehicle starts cold under low temperature conditions, oil leakage may occur, which does not meet the relevant requirements. According to regulations, there are hidden safety hazards.

Data map: Mercedes-Benz booth at a certain auto show. Photo by Zhang Hengwei