Restaurant chain sales have decreased by more than 32% Pubs and taverns are "catastrophic" June 25, 16:11

Due to the impact of the new coronavirus, last month's main restaurant chains' sales fell by more than 32% compared to the same month last year. Although it is the largest decline in history and the rate of decline has narrowed compared to April, the situation remains severe.

According to the Japan Food Service Association, last month's main restaurant chains' sales were down 32.2% compared to the same month last year.

The previous month's April declined by 39.6%, the largest drop since 1994, when the current survey method was used, so although the decline has narrowed, the new coronavirus still seriously affects sales. I am.

Last month, the nationwide declaration of emergency was lifted, but the return of customers was slow, the sales of "pubs and taverns" decreased by 90%, and the association "has continued to be a catastrophic situation". I am.

In addition,
▽ "Family restaurant"
decreased by 49.4% and ▽ "Fast food" decreased by 9.3%.

The Japan Food Service Association said, "We are seeing a recovery trend this month, but recovery varies depending on the location and business conditions. The situation of refraining from banquets at pubs and taverns continues, and the situation remains severe." I will.