[Economic 365]

E-Mart will sell the first anti-splash mask among offline stores starting today (24th).

20 stores across the country sell for 500 won per sheet, but the sales volume per store is 100 boxes per 20 sheets per day, and only one box per person can be purchased.

It is expected that consumers who want to buy an easy-to-breath splash mask that is breathable due to the hot weather will be attracted to consumers.


Starting today, when accessing high-risk facilities with high concern about radio waves, such as karaoke, clubs, etc., it is now possible to take a QR code for creating an electronic entry list through the mobile phone three-person authentication app.

Previously, QR codes could only be used on Naver, but if you are a 14-year-old or older mobile phone subscriber or a discount phone subscriber, you can use it immediately by selecting the QR certificate on the'Pass' main screen of the ID app and agreeing to the terms.

Kakao is planning to introduce a QR code to Kakao Talk as early as this month.

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company evaluation site CEO Score surveyed the status of internal transactions of over 2,000 affiliates in 55 groups with a total number of 64 large business groups designated by the Fair Trade Commission. As a result, 94% of the total amount of internal transactions amounted to 167.49 trillion won last year. He said that it was done through a veterinary contract.

Last year, the largest amount of veterinary contracts amounted to SK Group, amounting to KRW 40,188.4 billion.

In addition, 17 groups such as Shinsegae, Naver, and Kumho Asiana showed that 100% of their internal transactions last year were executed through voluntary contracts.