The dismissed Wirecard board member Jan Marsalek may be in the Philippines. There are indications that Marsalek could continue to be in the country, said Filipino Justice Minister Menardo Guevarra. He had instructed the immigration authorities to consider this possibility.

Guevarra said Marsalek was in the Philippines from March 3-5. "There is some evidence that he recently returned and is still here." The Philippines does not know whether Wirecard is active in the country. But the agency found something "strange" about Marsalek in the immigration database. "Let's leave it at that," said the Minister of Justice only. The Philippines was investigating people involved in the Wirecard accounting scandal. This also includes Marsalek.

The Philippines play a central role in the accounting scandal. The missing billions are said to be in escrow accounts at two Philippine banks. However, the relevant documents turned out to be fake. Marsalek was considered a confidant of the CEO Markus Braun, but was first suspended last week and then released on Monday. The manager was responsible for day-to-day business for years.

Banks are apparently granting a delay to Wirecard

Wirecard had admitted on Monday that 1.9 billion euros, which should be booked in trust accounts in the Philippines, most likely do not exist. The Philippine central bank had previously announced that the missing funds had not flowed into the country's financial system.

Guevarra said he has no information on whether Wirecard is active in the Philippines. However, he had instructed the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to cooperate with the AMLC anti-money laundering council to investigate the case. "NBI and AMLC will work together if there is evidence of money laundering," he said.

Meanwhile, according to dpa information, Wirecard should receive a few days' delay from the banks for its expiring credit line. The institutes had decided to first check the long-term viability of the company before claiming back the outstanding amount of 1.75 billion euros, according to financial circles. The Bloomberg news agency had also reported this.

Company founder Braun again at large

The FTI consulting firm is reportedly on behalf of the lenders to examine Wirecard and to collect as much information as possible about the company's financial position. On this basis, the banks want to hold further talks as soon as possible, it said.

Company founder and ex-board member Markus Braun went to the Munich public prosecutor's office earlier this week for arrest. He was released on payment of a deposit of five million euros. The Austrian, who is being investigated on suspicion of falsifying the balance sheet and manipulating the market, must report to the police every week.