"Tokyo Minerva Law Office" Bankruptcy Overpayment refund request CM development June 24 21:43

Tokyo lawyer corporation "Tokyo Minerva Law Office", which was engaged in lawsuits such as requests for refund of overpayment and was actively developing TV commercials, was decided by the court on the 24th to start bankruptcy proceedings. The Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association, to which the law firm belongs, filed for bankruptcy because the membership fee was not paid, and the bar association has a temporary consultation desk.

The decision to start bankruptcy proceedings was received by Tokyo Minerva Law Office, a law firm with an office in Shimbashi, Tokyo.

According to the Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association, to which the lawyer corporation belongs, because the payment of membership fees from the lawyer corporation was delayed and we could not contact, we filed for bankruptcy to the Tokyo District Court on the 24th to preserve the property. is.

Total debt is expected to be around 5 billion yen.

"Tokyo Minerva Law Office" was established in 2012 and has been proactively developing TV commercials and engaged in lawsuits such as requests for refund of overpayment.

According to the Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association, the location of five lawyers was confirmed in the beginning of this month, but the procedure for dissolution was entered on the 10th of this month.

The Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association will study the disposition after examining the details.

The Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association has set up a temporary consultation desk to respond to inquiries from customers of law firms.

Phone number is 03-3595-8508 and is open Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm.

Chairman of the Bar Association

Regarding the commencement of bankruptcy proceedings at Tokyo Minerva Law Office, Takashi Teramae, Chairman of Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association, said, "We have been conducting public relations activities nationwide, and have been working while receiving requests for overpayment and trials for hepatitis B from many clients. As a result of the investigation, it was also found that there were uncertainties regarding the status of overpayment storage, and there was a possibility that it was difficult to return the overpaid money to the clients. It is a profit-making company that cannot be permitted as a lawyer corporation, and the bar association takes it seriously."