In the balance sheet scandal at the DAX group Wirecard, ex-boss Markus Braun sold a large part of his shares in the company. Braun has thus generated a total of 155 million euros in sales on Thursday and Friday, as Wirecard announced in several ad hoc releases.

This was triggered by margin calls - a means by which securities marketers can force investors to limit losses. According to a report by the US financial news agency Bloomberg, Braun had financed part of its share in securities with loans. He deposited the papers as collateral for this.

Braun was previously the largest Wirecard shareholder with a stake of seven percent. The group has a total of almost 123.6 million shares in circulation. The Wirecard papers have lost over ten billion euros in value since Wednesday evening. Braun itself should have made the price losses poor by over half a billion euros.

In the balance sheet scandal of alleged air bookings amounting to 1.9 billion euros, Braun is suspected of being an alleged accomplice. That was why he resigned on Friday. He surrendered on Monday evening and was arrested. He was released on Tuesday for a deposit of five million euros.