China News Service, Nanjing, June 22 (Xu Shanshan) The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, and dumplings, salted duck eggs, crayfish, mung bean cake and other seasonal foods have entered the peak sales season. On the 22nd, the Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision Bureau notified the results of the food sampling test before the Dragon Boat Festival: the overall pass rate was 99.4%, and two batches of unqualified samples were found, namely dumplings and crayfish.

  According to the notification, the samples inspected for this time are 7 kinds (species) of food such as dumplings, salted duck eggs, crayfish, mung bean cake, wine, aquatic products, vegetables and cucumbers; the inspection items involve microorganisms, quality indicators, food additives, agricultural and veterinary drug residues, heavy metals Multiple indicators such as elements and non-edible substances.

  A total of 350 batches of food were sampled. Among them, 90 batches of dumplings, 90 batches of alcohol, 80 batches of salted duck eggs, 50 batches of crayfish, 20 batches of mung bean cake, 10 batches of aquatic yellow croaker, 10 batches of vegetables and cucumbers, 2 batches of unqualified samples were found , The overall pass rate is 99.4%.

  Among the foods sampled for inspection, all five types of alcoholic beverages, salted duck eggs, mung bean cake, aquatic yellow croaker, vegetables and cucumbers were qualified, with a pass rate of 100%.

  One batch of Zongzi sampling samples failed, the pass rate was 98.9%, the failed sample was the nominal production enterprise sold by Huasu Department Store Supermarket in Tongshan District, Xuzhou City, and the production batch number was "20200402" of "Henan Xinxiang Junjie Food Co., Ltd." Candied rice dumplings are unqualified. The unqualified item is that the total number of colonies does not meet the national food safety standards.

  One batch of crayfish sampling samples failed, and the pass rate was 98%. The unqualified sample was the crayfish (middle) sold by Tangjun Aquatic Products Department of Qinhuai District, Nanjing City on May 12, 2020. The unqualified item was the detection of furancillin Metabolites.

  Jiangsu Market Supervision Bureau reminded consumers to purchase seasonal foods such as dumplings, salted duck eggs, crayfish, mung bean cake, etc. from regular channels, carefully check the appearance of the food, and pay attention to the orderly storage and scientific consumption. (Finish)