The first batch of companies accepting GEM pilot registration system appeared

The first batch of 32 companies "pass the barrier", the largest financing amount is expected to refresh the GEM IPO fundraising record, the first round of inquiries will soon

  On June 22, the first batch of IPOs of the GEM reform and the pilot registration system were announced, and a total of 32 companies were announced, which means that the GEM has begun the era of registration.

  The Beijing News reporter sorted out and noticed that from the perspective of the place of registration, the first batch of enterprises that received the acceptance was the most from Guangdong Province, and from the perspective of their industry, the number of enterprises in the computer Internet-related industries was the largest, reaching nine. It is worth mentioning that most of the first batch of enterprises that received financing were less than 2 billion yuan. However, Yihai Kerry Golden Dragon Fish Cereals, Oils and Foods Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Yihai Kerry") planned to raise funds of 13.87 billion yuan. yuan. If it successfully landed on GEM this time, it will refresh the IPO fund-raising record of GEM.

  From June 30, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange will begin to receive relevant applications submitted by newly declared enterprises. Existing companies that are under review are the first to enter the review process, and will also create a model for the subsequent new applicants.

  Enterprise scanning: Guangdong has the most, and financing is mostly less than 2 billion

  A reporter from the Beijing News found that, from the perspective of financing scale, most of the first batch of enterprises receiving financing amounted to less than 2 billion yuan. Among them, the highest financing amount is referred to as "Yihai Kerry", which is well-known to the public as a manufacturer of brands such as "Golden Dragon Fish" and "Huji Flower", and is also one of the largest agricultural and food processing enterprises in China. In this application for listing on the GEM, Yihai Kerry plans to raise funds of 13.87 billion yuan. If Yihai Kerry successfully landed on the Growth Enterprise Market this time, it will refresh the IPO fund-raising record of the Growth Enterprise Market. The largest IPO of the ChiNext was Mindray Medical, which was listed in October 2018, with a total fundraising of 5.934 billion yuan.

  Yihai Kerry's current profit scale is also relatively large. According to the prospectus, its 2019 operating income was 170.74 billion yuan, and its net profit was 5.564 billion yuan.

  From the point of view of registration, among the first 32 companies that were accepted, the most were from Guangdong Province, with a total of 7 companies. Secondly, there are 6 companies in Beijing; there are also more companies in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, 5 in Zhejiang, 3 in Shanghai, and 2 in Jiangsu. In addition, there are two companies in Shandong and Anhui Province, and one company in Ningxia, Shaanxi, Henan, Hebei and Jilin.

  In addition, among the first batch of accepting companies, there were 9 companies from the computer Internet related industries. Among them, 4 companies belong to the computer, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry, 3 companies are software and information technology services, and 2 companies are Internet and related services. There are also many manufacturing companies, including 2 companies affiliated with automobile manufacturing, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, instrumentation manufacturing, general equipment manufacturing, railway, shipbuilding, aerospace and other transportation equipment manufacturing There is one each.

  From the perspective of sponsors, CITIC Construction Investment has contracted the most projects and sponsored a total of 5 companies. In addition, Dongguan Securities and Changjiang Underwriting sponsored 4 companies respectively, and Guojin Securities sponsored 3 companies.

  The first round of inquiries is about to usher, and the review team will go all out

  According to the "Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM stock issuance and listing review rules", for the initial listing of stocks, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's listing and review agency will issue questions to the issuer through the sponsor for the first round of review within 20 working days from the date of acceptance. Inquiry. This means that the first batch of acceptance companies will soon usher in the first round of auditing inquiries.

  As for the overall time limit, the total time for the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to review and register with the China Securities Regulatory Commission shall not exceed three months from the date of acceptance of the listing application documents. The total time for issuers, their sponsors and securities service institutions to reply to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's examination and inquiry questions shall not exceed three months.

  In the formation of the review team, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange is making every effort to promote. On June 12, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has announced the list of candidates for the first GEM Listing Committee and candidates for industry consulting experts. The Listing Committee participates in the audit of the listing of GEM stocks and is responsible for reviewing the audit report and issuer application documents issued by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's audit agency. The Expert Database is an industry expert advisory body established by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. It mainly provides advice on issuers' business and technology-related information disclosure issues, and the formulation of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange-related industry information disclosure rules.

  On June 20, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Council announced the establishment of a GEM stock issuance standardization committee (hereinafter referred to as the Issuance Standardization Committee), the main purpose of which is to regulate GEM stock issuance and underwriting. The list of members of the first issue specification committee has been determined, a total of 35 members, including 33 members of market institutions, 1 member of public welfare institutions and 1 member of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

  Guosheng Securities Research pointed out that GEM and Science and Technology Board have achieved differentiated positioning in the sector. GEM positioning services growth innovation and entrepreneurial enterprises, supports traditional industry innovation and upgrading, and ensures the realization of differentiated development with the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

  The GEM has basically completed the integration with the Science and Technology Board at many levels such as listing review, sponsorship, issuance, trading, supervision, and delisting. Subsequent to the first stock listing under the new regulations, triggering changes in the stock market, such as changes in the limits of changes in the stock market.

  Beijing News reporter Gu Zhijuan