The government explained that the date of confusion over the extent of today's tightened charter financing regulations is not regulated, such as the date of confusion, the price of an apartment exceeding 300 million won after purchase, or'inheriting' an apartment. .

In this case, it means that even if you acquire a new apartment in a speculative area or a speculative overheating district, you must immediately return the charter loan previously received or you will not be restricted from new loans.

The following is a summary of references presented by the Financial Services Commission and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in a question-and-answer format.

Q. Who is subject to the strengthened charter loan regulation?

▲ Both active activities of purchasing apartments subject to regulation (the market price in the speculative area and speculative overheating district exceeding 300 million won) and applying for a chartered loan occur after the enforcement of regulations.

Regulations will be enforced in mid-November through revisions to the regulations of guarantee institutions.

Q. What are the exceptions?

▲ If you get a rented house outside the metropolitan city or metropolitan city where the apartment is purchased due to mistakes such as job movement, child education, parental care, nursing care, school violence, etc. Even if you purchase, you can still get a charter loan.

Also, if you purchase a regulated apartment while using a chartered loan, and you have a tenant in that apartment, you can use your existing chartered loan until the remaining period of the lease contract expires.

However, if the charter loan expires in the meantime, you must pay it back.
Q. I bought an apartment for less than 300 million won while living on a charter. If the apartment price exceeds 300 million won, can I get a charter loan?

▲ You can get an extension.

It is not regulated because it did not purchase an apartment exceeding 300 million won.

Q. If I inherit a regulated apartment, can I extend the charter loan of my existing house?

▲ No.

The apartment is not'purchased' and can be extended.

Q. What happens if a person who has chartered a loan before the regulatory enforcement date buys a regulated apartment after the regulatory enforcement date?

▲ It is not eligible for charter loan collection.

However, the extension of the maturity of existing charter loans is limited.

After the loan expires, it means to live in the apartment you purchased.
Q. Will I be subject to a chartered loan regulation even if I have purchased a pre-sale or residence right for a regulated apartment before the effective date?

▲ If you acquired a pre-sale or residence right before the enforcement date of the regulation or entered into an apartment purchase contract, you are not subject to regulation.

However, provisional contracts are not accepted.

Q. If I received a chartered loan after the regulation's effective date and purchased the pre-sale or tenancy of a regulated apartment, should I pay off the chartered loan immediately?

▲ No.

Chartered loan recovery restrictions apply at the time of purchase, ie, when the ownership of the apartment is acquired (completed before registration).

You can also extend maturity if ownership has not taken place until the charter loan expires.

However, at the time of taking ownership, you must pay the entire loan and actually move into the purchased apartment.

Q. When I buy a villa or multi-family house, is it subject to the regulation of the charter loan recovery?

▲ Apartments that are highly concerned about gap investment are subject to regulation.