Credit loan entering real estate is illegal

  Please be careful of such house purchase routines

  Our reporter Zhao Yingying

  With 3 million yuan in cash, you can buy a 6 million yuan house. You only need to pay a small amount of interest. The cost of "little broad" is low and risk-free-this is described by the intermediary agency to the buyer Wang Wei (pseudonym). Scene. As Beijing's property market gradually recovers, some unqualified institutions have recently moved around in the market. Under the guise of low-interest loans, homebuyers are allowed to “buy in”, and then by way of advances and then credit loans. Its "getting on the train". Experts say that it is illegal for credit loan funds to enter real estate. Buying a house with a high degree of leverage will not only cause huge repayment pressure, but may also affect personal credit reporting.

"Please enter the urn" with low interest loans

  "Solve the demand for funds in every link of house purchase, and make loans quickly." Wang Wei, who has been busy looking at the house recently, was attracted to such a set of advertisements. Wang Wei liked a set of second-hand housing located outside the Fourth Ring Road with a total price of 6 million yuan. However, he only had 3 million yuan in cash on hand, plus his own situation, he could only press two sets of loans. Wang Wei faced a high down payment, The dilemma of high interest rates and insufficient money.

  "Is there any way to buy a house with low down payment and low interest?" When communicating with the agency staff for the first time, Wang Wei made a request for "less spending", and the other party quickly gave a small and micro enterprise low-interest loan plan . According to what it says, at present, all banks have support policies for loans to small and micro enterprises. Wang Wei only needs to register a small and micro enterprise to apply for low-interest loans, and the monthly repayment amount is lower than the rent from house rental. "As long as you don't have a company, it doesn't matter. We provide one-stop service here, you can handle it. You can think about it first."

  Interest is lower than rent, this sentence deeply moved Wang Wei. Soon, he decided to meet and discuss in detail. It was also during this conversation that the staff changed the caliber and proposed a new scheme for using credit loans, on the grounds that it is easier to apply for credit loans, lend faster, and the interest rate is still lower than that of commercial loans.

 "Perfect chain" actual risk is extremely high

  According to the agency, Wang Wei has four steps in the process of buying a house. First, he took out 3 million yuan in cash, and the organization paid another 3 million yuan to buy the house he liked. According to the current transaction speed, the procedures can be completed within 9 days, and at a monthly interest rate of 8%, Wang Wei has to pay about 50,000 yuan of advance interest. Then, Wang Wei took the house book to several banks to apply for credit loans, loaned 3 million yuan for the repayment of institutional advances, and paid 50,000 yuan for processing fees. In the third step, Wang Wei rented out the second-hand house under his name “to rent for maintenance”. Three years after the loan, Wang Wei returned the principal of 3 million yuan to the bank, or applied for the cash out of the room.

  Cash on hand to make down payment — intermediary advances to buy a house in full — apply for a credit loan with a mortgage on the house — return the advance and repay the interest on a monthly basis — and then mortgage on the house... In the mouth of the agency staff, this is a repeatable "perfect" "Chain", and Wang Wei can get a suite at a very low cost.

  Buying a 6 million yuan house for 3 million yuan and paying an interest cost of 640,000 yuan sounds really lower than a commercial loan. However, is the chain in the mouth of the agency really perfect? Industry insiders have rejected this way of buying houses with high leverage.

  "Investment funds such as down payment loans, consumer loans, credit loans, operating loans, etc. flow into the real estate market, which is itself a violation of the ban, and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission has repeatedly emphasized that it will resolutely correct the violation of loans into real estate." Zhongyuan Real Estate Chief Analyst Zhang Dawei said that the use of funds from credit loans to buy a house is inconsistent with the use stipulated in the loan contract. Once found by the bank, it will affect the applicant's credit history. At the same time, compared with commercial loans, credit loans are short-term loans, the loan amount is usually in the range of 300,000 to 500,000 yuan, and the duration is generally only 3 years. "If you want to borrow 3 million yuan by way of credit loan, as some institutions have said, you need to apply for credit loans from multiple institutions at the same time. Under the environment of strict supervision, the risk is extremely high and the operability is not strong. The pressure for repayment in the later period is also very great." Zhang Dawei said.

High leverage is not suitable for ordinary home buyers

  This "perfect chain" actually hides other risks. The reporter carefully calculated an account and found that according to the monthly interest rate of 8%, the single-day interest of 3 million yuan of advances is 8,000 yuan, 56,000 yuan a week, and 240,000 yuan a month. A brand intermediary broker told reporters that in the case where the owner sells a house without bank mortgage, it takes about a week for the full-fledged buyer to complete the transfer from the house purchase qualification review. If there is a bank mortgage on the house sold by the owner, the mortgage must be completed before going through the qualification review process. If it is slow, it may take 1 month. In other words, the budget of 50,000 yuan advance interest given by the agency staff is only the minimum expenditure in the most ideal state. Once any unexpected situation is encountered during the housing transaction, the transaction cycle is lengthened, and the interest paid will be much higher than 50,000 yuan.

  "The high-leverage model is not suitable for ordinary home buyers. Especially when the property market is at a stable period, home buyers with self-occupancy or improved demand do not need to use this high-leverage model. It is recommended to purchase rationally." Zhang Dawei Say.

  High leverage buying house chain

  down payment

  Intermediary advances

  Full house purchase


  Credit loan advance

  Repayment within 3 years


  1. The credit loan is used to buy a house, and its use is inconsistent with the purpose specified in the loan contract. Once detected by the bank, it will affect the applicant's credit history. 2. Short loan term, high interest rate, greater repayment pressure, 3 million yuan for three years, and actual monthly payment close to 100,000 yuan. 3. The interest on advancement of small institutions is very high, and the buying cycle of houses is generally relatively long. The interest cost of advancement will be much higher than the budget in publicity. It is said that the advance of 9 days of interest is 50,000. If you are not careful, it becomes an advance of 240,000 in one month.