US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has demanded by letter to, among other European ministers, the head of the Spanish Treasury, María Jesús Montero , to stop his plan to introduce the so-called Google Tax and threatens him in writing with retaliation.

Official sources from the Ministry of Finance confirm to EL MUNDO that Montero has received this harsh missive that, according to the Financial Times, has also been addressed to his counterparts in France, the United Kingdom and Italy. In it, Mnuchin communicates that, in the midst of a pandemic, "This is a time when the world's governments should focus their attention on dealing with the economic problems generated by the covid-19," criticizes the US Treasury secretary. Therefore, it does not see fit to continue the ongoing negotiations within the OECD for now to create a new global digital tax. And in the letter it threatens: "As we have already said repeatedly, if countries choose to collect or adopt these taxes, the US will respond with proportionally pertinent measures"Mnuchin emphasizes to Montero and his counterparts.

The sources consulted at the Treasury assure that Montero will respond to the letter jointly to his European counterparts, but that he will not stop the project, currently being processed in Las Cortes. "It is not directed against any country or any specific company and the tax in Spain is in line with the proposals of the European Commission ," they assure the Ministry.

Mnuchin's position removes any possibility of international consensus in the OECD and places the EU countries interested in collecting more taxes from the great American technology giants at risk of a trade war with the world's leading power.

Official sources from the French Ministry of Economy also confirm having received the US letter: "There will be a response."

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