Local banks Really interest-free and unsecured loans 800 billion yen in the last month June 17 19:28 June 17

While corporate cash flow is becoming an issue due to the impact of the new coronavirus, the amount of money that local banks nationwide have decided to lend to companies with virtually no interest and no collateral based on the government's economic measures was 8,000 in the last month. It turned out to be 100 million yen.

Based on the government's economic measures, a system that allows small and medium-sized enterprises whose sales have decreased due to the new coronavirus to receive loans from financial institutions with virtually no interest and unsecured has begun last month.

According to the Japan Regional Bankers Association, as of the end of last month, there were 90,000 applications for 64 member banks, of which 40,000, of which the loan amount was 800 billion yen, was decided. This is about 30% of all interest-free and unsecured loans, including major banks and credit unions.

Regarding the remaining 50,000 undecided loans, the Local Bankers Association of Japan states that the main reason is that it takes time to certify that sales have decreased in local municipalities. Is going to proceed.

Yasuyoshi Oya, President of the Bank of Yokohama, who is the chairman of the Japan Local Bankers Association, said, "In some industries, demand has almost disappeared due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and it is necessary to propose to improve the business model. I would like to support local companies."