If you buy a house with a market value of more than 300 million won in a speculative area or a speculative superheat district after receiving a charter loan, the loan is immediately recovered.

This is to prevent diversification of chartered loans to'gap investments' (buying a house after rent) by strengthening measures from the existing standard of'over 900 million won'.

The deadline for retirement and transfer of housing, which has been exceptionally granted to real users, is strengthened from 1 year to 6 months.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Ministry of Strategy and Finance, today announced the'Management Measures for the Stabilization of the Housing Market'.

The government has decided to tighten regulations on charter loans.

The government decided to take advantage of the stronger charter loan regulation card because it was thought that the gap was the reason why the house price was not stable despite the government's real estate measures.

If the government buys more than 300 million won of apartments from speculative areas and overheated areas after receiving a previous generation loan, the charter loan is immediately recovered.

In addition, if you buy an apartment with more than 300 million won, it is also subject to the limited warranty.

The current regulation was to limit the guarantee of rent to homeowners with a market value exceeding 900 million won, and to immediately recover the loan if they buy a house with more than 900 million won after receiving a charter loan.

The Housing City Guarantee Corporation (HUG) also reduces the guarantee limit for all households.

HUG's limit on the guarantee for all households for 1 homeowner is reduced to 200 million won.

The current guarantee limit is 400 million won in the metropolitan area and 320 million won in the province.

If a homeless person is to receive a mortgage for a home purchase, they must move in within six months regardless of the house price.

Regulations are applied uniformly regardless of the speculation area, the speculative overheating area, and the area to be adjusted.

1 In order for a homeowner to receive a home loan to purchase a home in a regulated area, they must dispose of the existing home within six months and move into a new home.

Again, the baseline period has been reduced from 1 year to 6 months.

In the past, if a single homeowner buys an additional home in a speculative area or a speculative overheating district, the mortgage has been made on the condition that the existing home will be disposed of within one year.

In the case of a reconciled area, transfer obligations were imposed within two years.

Homeless people were obliged to move in within one year when buying a house with a market price of 900 million won.

The government will apply new regulations from July 1 considering the time it takes to prepare for computer development.

The requirements for living in the nest are imposed.

In order to receive the Bogeumjari Loan for the purchase of a house, it is necessary to move in within 3 months and maintain a real residence for at least 1 year.

In the event of a violation of the obligation, the loan will be recovered.

It applies from the application for the Bogeumjari Loan after the enforcement date of the revised regulations of the Housing Finance Corporation (July 1).

We have also prepared measures to eliminate speculative demand using corporations.

Mortgage loans are prohibited for home sales and rental companies in all regions.

Previously, 20-50% of the mortgage-to-loan ratio (LTV) was applied to home sales and rental companies in the regulated area.