"China's Green Rice City": "The Whole Process of Intelligentization" to cultivate "Chinese rice bowl"

  China News Network Jiamusi, June 17 (Jiang Hui) "200 monitoring points, 20 small weather stations, 20 sets of groundwater level monitoring devices and other equipment, covering 1.22 million mu of cultivated land, can automatically extract various elements of crop growth environment Information, and finally reach the goal of'full-time intelligent cultivation'." A few days ago, a large-scale theme "Towards our well-off life" interviewed the Heilongjiang reporting team and came to the "China Green Rice Capital" Beidahuang Agricultural Reclamation Group Company to build Sanjiang Branch. Han Tianjia, deputy director of Qixing Farm, introduced the high technology contained in the "Chinese Rice Bowl".

  Beidahuang Agricultural Reclamation Group Company built Sanjiang Branch, which is located in the hinterland of Sanjiang Plain alluvially formed by Wusuli River, Songhua River and Heilongjiang River. The company has 383,000 pieces of various agricultural machinery, with a comprehensive mechanization rate of 99.2%. It has an annual production capacity of more than 13.7 billion kg of grain. The grain output accounts for 1/9 of Heilongjiang Province, the total output of japonica rice accounts for 1/3 of Heilongjiang Province, China On 1/12, it became China's most important strategic base for high-quality commercial grain and China's largest green food production base. In 2019, the company's total grain planting area was 11.23 million mu, with a total output of 5.51 million tons.

The unmanned rice transplanter is automatically transplanting rice. Photo by Zhang Xinglong

  "This screen on the big screen is the application interface of big data for farm agricultural production and management, which can be divided into four aspects: natural environment, production and planting, resource assets, and business management." Before the Qixing Farm Agricultural Internet of Things integrated service information platform, Han Tianjia said that through various ways to collect agricultural big data, management big data and application big data, the platform can fully reflect the farming agricultural intelligence and information work. "Through the analysis of agricultural big data, find out the rules of crop growth, and then gradually realize the intelligentization of agricultural production through intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment. At the same time, with the help of the big data of the Internet of Things platform, we can create a food quality and safety traceability system, and then through the rice supply The role of the carrier of the chain to shape the branding of rice products."

Monitoring equipment in the rice fields of Qixing Farm. Photo by Zhang Xinglong

  Han Tianjia told reporters that Qixing Farm, which was built in 1956, currently has 1.22 million acres of arable land, including 1.05 million acres of paddy fields. It is the largest rice-growing area in the Sanjiang branch of Beidahuang Agricultural Reclamation Corporation. By creating "five major alliances" for planting, warehousing, logistics, processing, and sales, Qixing Farm's rice production can be traced back to the entire industrial chain. The cost per mu of land can be saved by an average of 200 yuan, and the average selling price of rice can be an extra dime.

Agricultural products produced by Beijing Sanhuang Agricultural Reclamation Group Company Sanjiang Branch. Photo by Jiang Hui

  In the unmanned agricultural machinery operation test field of Qixing Farm Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Science and Technology Innovation Base, technicians tap the screen to issue instructions. Two unmanned rice transplanters and one pulper will start automatic rice transplanting and beating according to the planned route without manual intervention throughout the process .

The staff fully grasps the growth of crops through the collected agricultural big data. Photo by Zhang Xinglong

  According to Meng Qingmin, director of Qixing Farm Agricultural Machinery Center, this year, Qixing Farm joined 29 enterprises and institutions, scientific research institutions and universities to carry out intelligent technology innovation and application demonstration in the whole process of agricultural production, and implemented 2000 mu of unmanned land in the land of 10,000 mu. Farm construction project. Up to now, Qixing Farm has owned more than 20 sets of various unmanned operation machines. In the past, the intelligent control suite was added to the agricultural machinery navigation system that can only take the AB line, which realized the self-service start and stop of the machine, automatic throttle control, Functions such as automatic operation of agricultural tools, perception of the environment, planning of paths, and automatic obstacle avoidance. "We will continue to carry out agricultural machinery technology update and test work, so that all unmanned farm demonstration fields will realize unmanned operations in various stages of plant protection, harvesting, rotary tillage and land preparation, and truly build artificial intelligence technology driven by IoT big data. As the core'agricultural brain', we will fully promote the process of intelligent management and control of rice production throughout the process." (Finish)