Sustainable Benefits Strict measures such as Japan Post employees who applied for contrary to the purpose 13:26 on June 16

Approximately 120 employees of Japan Post and Japan Post Insurance applied for a sustainable benefit against the new coronavirus, contrary to the intent, and the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Kajiyama regretted it, and fraud was confirmed. If so, he showed the idea of ​​dealing strictly.

At Japan Post and Japan Post Life, approximately 120 employees will continue to support those affected by the new coronavirus, despite a decline in income due to refraining from sales due to improper insurance sales issues. It means that more than 10 people have applied for benefits and have not withdrawn.

Regarding this, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Kajiyama said at the press conference after the Cabinet meeting on 16th, "It is regrettable that the fact that a person unrelated to the spread of the new coronavirus infection was applying for benefits was found. For those who have been found to be fraudulent, we will not only file a claim for refund of the benefits based on the benefits regulations, but we will also strictly deal with them, including publicizing their names and criminal charges."

As for the sustained benefit payment, the quick payment is prioritized and the procedure is simplified, so it is not possible to check by examination whether the decrease in sales is due to the new coronavirus.

According to Japan Post etc., the employee in charge of insurance sales receives a allowance according to the business performance separately from salary as business income, and because of this decrease in the portion, the sustainable benefit is contrary to the purpose. By applying, Minister Kajiyama indicated that he needed to verify afterwards whether there was any fraud.

Mr. Takaichi, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications

In addition, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takaichi said in a press conference on the 16th, "The postponement of Japan Post and Japan Post Life's business is caused by a scandal in the first place, and the decrease in income due to it is against the purpose of sustainable benefit". ..

In addition, Minister Takaichi said that more than 10 employees of Japan Post did not respond to the withdrawal of the application, "I hear that the Japan Post Group will take proper measures, so I would like you to respond appropriately." That is, I asked the company to strengthen its approach to employees.