The Bank of Japan's funding assistance of 110 trillion yen is evaluated. Keizai Doyukai June 16 17:17

Regarding the decision by the Bank of Japan to increase its cash-flow support framework to JPY 110 trillion, Keizai Sakurada, the secretary-general of the Keizai Doyukai, said at the press conference on the 16th, "The BOJ's message is to do everything it can" and evaluates the decision. Did.

The BOJ was a monetary policy meeting held until the 16th, and decided to increase the BOJ's funding support framework to 110 trillion yen as the government increased interest-free and unsecured loans.

Regarding this, Mr. Sakurada said, "I showed the attitude that I am standing on the side of receiving support quite boldly, and this time the decision is that the BOJ has issued a message that I will do everything I can." Evaluated the BOJ's decision.

Regarding the current state of the economy, Mr. Sakurada said, “I think it's been a tough time, but I think the worst time has passed. However, while I've managed to overcome the first wave, I'm currently spending time. It is important to be prepared for the 2nd and 3rd waves," he said, saying that he should take measures to prepare for when the new coronavirus infection spreads again.