The number of flights to and from Schiphol Airport at the end of May was more than two hundred flights a day, compared to 150 at the beginning of that month. The airport expects a further increase to approximately 350 flights per day in June.

Schiphol announced this on Monday when the monthly transport figures were published. In the same period last year, it was about 1,500 flights a day. Passenger numbers were just 97 percent lower in May, at just over 200,000 than in May last year.

At the beginning of June, the number of travelers per day rose again to 10,000. The last time Schiphol counted these numbers was at the end of March. After that, the number of flights and passengers decreased drastically due to the corona restrictions. "The number of travelers is expected to rise to 30,000 to 40,000 per day in the coming weeks," says Schiphol.

"These developments depend, among other things, on airlines that partially restart their network and on countries that may or may not open their borders."

The total number of flights in May this year was 87 percent lower than in May 2019. The number of cargo flights more than doubled, to more than 2,500. This is not to say that more cargo was also flown to and from Schiphol, because a large part of the cargo by air is actually carried by passenger aircraft.

"Due to considerably fewer passenger flights with cargo in the hold, the total tonnage transported has decreased by 22 percent," says Schiphol.