Yesterday returned the staff of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) to their offices commitment to the Dubai government's decision to return to the offices of 100%, which took the Dubai Chamber of a series of preventive measures and measures to ensure that in which the health and safety of its employees and its customers. A great commitment emerged from the employees to apply precautionary guidelines, especially with regard to the use of masks, gloves, sterilization materials and respect for social and physical spacing, while the measures adopted by the Chamber to maintain the health and safety of employees formed the basis of the plan that was applied with the full return of the employees.

The procedures applied in the room included measuring the temperature of the employees when entering the building with a modern and advanced device, adopting smart cameras that work with artificial intelligence technologies and entry cards to register the entry of employees instead of the fingerprint, and rearranging the work environment and offices to ensure physical distance, placing glass insulators between the offices of employees to provide the highest degrees protection, and the development of guidelines and protective stickers on the walls and floors in the elevators and common places, provide respirators, gloves and materials sterilization in all floors of the building and commitment to use all the time, holding all internal meetings between staff through virtual meetings through visual communication programs, and sterilize the office before and after the departure of staff.

The Director General of the Chamber, Hamad Buamim, sent an internal message to the employees, and "Emirates Today" obtained a copy, confirming that "the Dubai Chamber is decorated with the return of its employees, so we can continue together to support the city we all love, the continuity of business and the economy, and the service of the business community." "as we begin a new chapter of our journey under the guidance of our government and our wise leadership, will return to the office further evidence of the flexibility in the provision of services to the private sector, and our awareness of preventive measures that require you to apply strictly for your health and safety and the safety of your colleagues and loved ones.

Said Buamim: "Our leadership has proven to be an exceptional leadership of successful consolidation of the first position of the state Arab and among the best countries in the world in the face of the virus, a result that reflects the vision and the efforts of our leadership that harnessed all possibilities to ensure the health and safety of all citizens and residents and visitors. On his way to thank all those who contributed to maintaining our safety from the first line of our defense medical staff and police and ambulance crews.

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