Department store chain HEMA is in the final phase of negotiations with a group of creditors, after owner Marcel Boekhoorn threw in the towel earlier on Sunday. "HEMA is optimistic about the outcome of the talks with those creditors and about the future," the company said in a statement.

HEMA is still owned by Marcel Boekhoorn through his investment company Ramphastos Investments. That company took over HEMA including the debts in 2018. A small part of those debts had to be paid off on Monday, but the majority of these remained open. Boekhoorn said on Sunday that he could not reach an agreement with the main creditors.

According to HEMA, the group of creditors is willing to talk about refinancing "with the aim of drastically reducing debt". The creditors would also be willing to put even more money into HEMA to give the company more financial scope. When final agreement is reached, creditors acquire an interest in the company.

"From the start of talks in early April, the group of bondholders (creditors, ed.) Has expressed support for the strategy, management and employees of the company," said HEMA.