Department store chain HEMA feels supported by the initiative of 'We love HEMA'. "It is heartwarming to see how engaged people are," a company spokesperson told on Saturday.

The clock is ticking for HEMA. Next Monday, a loan from the parent company of the department store chain must be paid off, otherwise the problems will only get worse.

HEMA was taken over less than two years ago by Marcel Boekhoorn, a wealthy businessman. At that time, the company already had large loans outstanding, which date from the time when the company was owned by investment company Lion Capital.

In total, this concerns some 800 million euros in debts, of which 50 million must be paid off on 15 June. If this is not done, all other debts will become immediately due and payable, which could endanger the entire company and therefore the survival of HEMA.

HEMA has nothing to do with initiative

The HEMA spokesperson does not comment on the initiative 'We love HEMA'. The website is very similar to the so-called look and feel of HEMA, but the company has nothing to do with it, according to the spokesperson.

The FD writes on the website that Boekhoorn has now come up with a trick whereby HEMA creditors will see much less money when they get hold of the department store group. That scenario is conceivable if the 50 million euros are not paid.

These would be investors who hold some 600 million euros in debt securities. HEMA previously announced that it was in talks with the creditors to reduce the debt burden.