Bank traders complained about the weakness of the Call Center services, confirming that these services had not developed in proportion to the current conditions, associated with the emerging corona virus (Covid 19).

They assured, "Emirates Today", the long waiting times on the phone, as well as not to obtain solutions for the services they want through the phone service.

And at a time when a bank admitted that there was pressure on the services over the phone, bankers said that there are many banks facing a problem in the current period, regarding the telephone service, due to the fact that they were not ready to deal with the large volume of requests, during the crisis period of « Covid 19.

long waiting

In detail, the trader with an Islamic bank, Mahmoud Nasr, said that he suffers in the recent period of telephone service with the bank, and the lack of response to the call in many cases, despite the long waiting periods, which exceed 10 minutes in cases.

In turn, the dealer with a commercial bank, Ibrahim Al-Bakr, said that some banks have not responded to the customers' questions, and waiting times on the phone have increased significantly, compared to the period before "Corona".

He explained that he wanted to postpone the financial premium, due to the current circumstances, so he has been trying to communicate with the bank for more than two weeks, without result.

In the same context, the trader with an Islamic bank, Abdul Karim Imran, said that he had been trying to contact the bank’s call center for a while, to postpone the monthly installment without success, as there was no response from the center, and when he was able to communicate, the request was rejected.

bad service

As for dealing with an Islamic bank, Nada Al-Zuhri, the service of communicating with the bank was described as bad. She said that the monthly installment was withdrawn twice, and she contacted the bank after a long wait on the phone, then filed a complaint via e-mail, without an answer, considering that the bank's neglect in response is a provocation to the dealers, pointing out that it is considering submitting a complaint to the central bank.

Decline of service

The customer with a commercial bank, Abdullah Ali, agreed that he often waits long when communicating with the bank's call center, and stressed that he suffers from many calls to inquire about anything related to his card, calling for the development of the service.

As for the client with an Islamic bank, Abdul Rahman Al-Ali, he said that he had noticed a decline in customer service through the bank's call center, noting that he had been trying for a month to contact the bank to close the credit card, but he had not reached a solution to his request.

In the same context, the client with a commercial bank, "Ihssan. W," said that she applied to postpone a monthly installment for vehicle financing two weeks ago, and is still communicating with the bank through the "Call Center" to no avail, noting the long waiting period that exceeds 10 minutes. .

Bank readiness

To that, the banking expert, Amjad Nasr, said that there are many banks that have a problem in the current period, in connection with the telephone service, due to the fact that they were not ready to deal with the large volume of requests, during the crisis period of "Covid 19", especially While reducing the number of operating branches.

He added: «On the other side, there are banks that have been able to develop telephony services, by introducing a voice identity service, which enables the bank to recognize the voice of the customer.

Nasr pointed out that the lesson learned from the current crisis for banks is the need to invest in the new technology, and to introduce more services on the telephone, and other services, pointing out that the banks need to study the acceptable waiting time for customers when they call their centers by phone.

Nasr stressed that the UAE is one of the best countries in the region in this regard, as reading of the expenses item for banks indicates that technology allocations are in second place after the salary item in spending.

He stressed that the banks succeeded in providing many services via smart phones and the Internet, but there is still a significant segment that favors direct communication.

Business digitization

Nicholas Wright, Director of Sales for the Middle East and North Africa at Saxo Bank, said that the Corona crisis highlighted the big differences between companies that have committed to the digitization of their businesses and their counterparts that still rely on traditional methods and techniques of work.

He explained that banks and financial services institutions that have not rushed to fully digitize their operations face great difficulty in conducting operations remotely, pointing to financial institutions that have experienced pressure on the call centers that their customers are not satisfied with.

He continued: «This issue will be a real concern for the banks, as traders will resort to searching for other alternatives if the institutions that they deal with are unable to meet their needs. Since many financial services depend on the confidence factor, traditional banks may find it difficult to recover any dealers after the height of the crisis recedes.

Acknowledgment of the problem

For his part, a source in an Islamic bank admitted that there was pressure on the services over the phone. He told «Emirates Today»: «Given the current conditions and the resort of customers to communicate with the bank through the call center instead of visiting the branches, we face some pressure in the banking services over the phone.

He stressed the existence of a team to discuss and respond to customer complaints, pointing out that customers can use alternative digital channels available around the clock.

Al Harmoodi: An Exceptional Period

Banking expert, Awatef Al Harmoodi, said that it is necessary to acknowledge the existence of a discrepancy in the development of the telephone communication service between banks. Clients.

She emphasized that banks are obliged to develop these services, to introduce further development in the digital banking, and to increase the services that can be provided via the telephone service.

She continued: «The goal is to reach the service to the customer in a simple and smooth manner and through a single window or platform, and there is no doubt that the digital banking services, and via telephone, will increase in the post (Corona) stage.

Al Harmoodi stressed that all banks are keen to improve their banking services over the phone, in addition to improving the quality of work, and constantly expanding the telephone banking staff, but this period related to the "Corona" crisis is exceptional, with the pressure it put on the banking call centers.

Banks were able to develop telephony services, through voice identity.

Dealers will search for alternative financial institutions to meet their needs.

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