China News Agency, Beijing, June 12 (Reporter Chen Su) Li Jinghui, director of the budget department of the Chinese Ministry of Finance, said in Beijing on the 12th that at present, the overall judgment is that local "three guarantees" (guarantee basic livelihoods, wages, and operations) will be funded locally. The sources are guaranteed, the funds can be distributed directly, and the responsibilities are clearly defined, which can ensure that the local finance "three guarantees" will not cause problems. The financial difficulties of individual counties and cities can be resolved in a timely manner through relevant working mechanisms.

  At the briefing held by the State Council Office on the same day, Li Jinghui said that the "three guarantees" are "ballast stones" for maintaining economic order and social stability. In recent years, with the sustained and healthy development of China's economy, the financial protection capabilities at all levels have been continuously improved, and the budget arrangement can basically meet the needs of grassroots "three guarantees." However, this year's situation is rather special. Affected by the epidemic, the fiscal revenue reduction and expenditure increase further, and the grassroots "three guarantees" face greater pressure than before.

  He introduced that in order to alleviate the pressure of the “three guarantees” at the grassroots level, the Ministry of Finance regards the “three guarantees” as the top priority of this year’s budget arrangement, through measures such as increasing deficits, issuing special anti-epidemic bonds, and vigorously curbing central government expenditures. Great financial support for the local area.

  Li Jinghui said that the establishment of a special transfer payment mechanism for new fiscal funds this year can better implement the bottom line of local governments holding the "three guarantees" at the grassroots level. At the same time, increase supervision and accountability, tighten financial and economic discipline, and urge the provincial level to establish interview and accountability mechanisms. To further strengthen the positive incentive measures for the well done places, embezzle the "three guarantees" funds for violations of laws and regulations, find and investigate together, promptly report criticisms, serious accountability, and handling of typical cases, and promote local governments to implement financial resources. sink. In the next step, the Ministry of Finance will pay close attention to the operation of local finances, strengthen the guidance to localities, and ensure the smooth operation of local finances. (Finish)