The candidate proposed by Podemos to enter the leadership of the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), Carlos Aguilar, has admitted his inexperience during the parliamentary examination to measure his suitability for the position. "Obviously I am not an expert on competition issues," he said. However, he stressed that he knows the audiovisual sector from his academic work at the University of Barcelona and that it can be positive that there is "plurality" in regulatory bodies with new profiles like his.

Aguilar has thus responded to the question from the parliamentary spokesman of the Popular Party, Mario Garcés, who has asked him for precision on "if he knows anything about competition and markets." Aguilar has given him the reason that he does not have that knowledge and has regretted that at the top of the CNMC "the knowledge of the sectors has been skirted . " Therefore, he believes that the fact that he does have it on the audiovisual world can be useful to the institution for which he has been proposed for a term of six years. According to article 15 of the Law creating the CNMC, only members of the regulator can be elected."persons of recognized prestige and professional competence in the field of action of the Commission, upon appearance of the person proposed for the position before the corresponding Commission of the Congress of Deputies" .

The spokespersons of the PNV, Esquerra, Podemos and PSOE have considered their CV good without even asking any questions. Nor have they done so to the other candidates presented by the coalition government.

Aguilar has stated that he entered the military in Podemos in Catalonia at the proposal of his students and that he has reflected a lot personally on whether that conditioned him, but he has ruled out that it is a problem. He maintains that in his teaching work and in the CNMC he will avoid "any ideological bias".

When asked by the spokesperson for Ciudadanos, María Muñoz, about whether she shares derogatory statements by the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, about Parliament and the media, Aguilar has stood out, although he says that you have to see them in context. She has also denied a relationship with the head of Mediapro, Jaume Roures: "I have never seen her in my life."

The candidate to preside over the CNMC, Cani Fernández and the candidate for vice president, Ángel Torres have also appeared before the Economic Affairs Commission of the Congress of Deputies. Likewise, the current advisor to the vice president, Nadia Calviño, Pilar Sánchez and the candidate for Esquerra's proposal, Josep María Salas. All of them have promised to carry out their work "independently" and "in defense of the general interest" as required by the Law that regulates the CNMC.

Cani Fernández: "I have independence of opinion"

Cani Fernández accumulates a very broad curriculum in terms of competition both in her teaching work and in that of partner at the Cuatrecasas law firm, but she is currently an adviser to the Prime Minister, which has drawn criticism from opposition parties. The future president of the CNMC has assured that she will act "from the maximum independence" both with respect to the Government and her former clients in Cuatrecasas.

"I guarantee that there will be no conflict of interest. In the slightest doubt, I will abstain," he promised. It aims to "serve the general interest with integrity."

Regarding his visit to Moncloa, he stated that he joined on March 2 and that this "is not a fault or a demerit", because it was "to serve the country" and that if that is a problem "it should lead to reflection".

Cani Fernández has defended his "independence of judgment" and has assured that in his long career he has even advised the European Commission "against the Kingdom of Spain" for breaking the law. The future president has revealed that she is renouncing her leave of absence in Cuatrecasas and that she hopes that with her the CNMC "will take a leap in quality."

All the candidates presented by the Government have received approval in the Commission of the Congress of Deputies by 19 votes in favor and a fortnight against by the PP, Vox and Citizens. The first two parties have proposed a veto "for lack of independence", but it has been knocked down by the rest. Therefore, all that remains is to ratify the Council of Ministers to join the CNMC, "It is an assault on the institutions," said the PP spokesman.

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