, Hangzhou, June 11 (Tong Xiaoyu, Chen Xin) On June 10, Alibaba was the founder of the 2020 award ceremony of Ma Yun Education Fund at Hangzhou Normal University (hereinafter referred to as "Hangzhou Normal University") in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Ren Mayun "shouts" his alma mater through the video: today's education in China needs first-class teachers, principals and education reformers. At present, the most important change is education. Both Hangzhou Normal University and Hangzhou Normal University Ma Yun Education Fund must solve this future problem.

Winner of the Ma Yun Teaching Excellence Award and Nomination Award in 2020. Provided by the school

  In 2015, in order to support the construction and development of his alma mater, Ma Yun donated RMB 100 million to Hangzhou Normal University to establish the Hangzhou Normal University Ma Yun Education Fund to fund educational research and teacher training. Over the past five years, the school has carried out more than 10 projects in total, and 569 students and 138 teachers have received funding awards.

  Chen Chunlei, secretary of the school's party committee, said that the Ma Yun Education Fund of Hangzhou Normal University played an active and important role in promoting the construction of teachers, the cultivation of normal students, and the selection of outstanding youth.

  On the same day, at the award ceremony, more than 100 teachers and students of the school took the stage to receive the Ma Yun Teaching Excellence Award, Ma Yun Outstanding Teacher Student Award and Ma Yun Youth Leadership Award.

Started the "Ma Yun Rural Project" branch. Provided by the school

  Ma Yun said in the video speech that this is both an award and a responsibility and responsibility. He believes that excellent teachers should train more teachers, and excellent students should drive more classmates. "You are excellent, Hangzhou Normal University is the most outstanding normal university."

  Today, Hangzhou Normal University Ma Yun Education Fund has gone through five years. In his view, charity is to give money, and public welfare is to spend the money well and spend it effectively. At the same time, the charity must be kind, but also have good power and ability, the foundation undertakes the important task of cultivating excellent teachers.

  "Today's education in China needs first-class teachers, principals and education reformers." Ma Yun said that at present, technology is changing, the world is also changing, and the most need to make changes is education. This is today's mission and responsibility. Both Hangzhou Normal University and Hangzhou Normal University Ma Yun Education Fund must look to the future, solve future problems, and catch up with the future.

  Ma Yun has confessed his alma mater more than once in public: "Hangzhou Normal University will always be the best school in the world." He also hopes that Hangzhou Normal University can truly become the best normal school in the world and make Hangzhou Normal University's graduation certificate truly Become a passport for the world's education community.

  In addition, at the awards ceremony, the "Ma Yun Village Project" branch was formally established. It is reported that during the summer of this year, Hangzhou Normal University will form a support team to participate in the Mayun Village Boarding School Program that began at the end of 2017, and went to Huanglian Primary School in Huashan Township, Zhenxiong County, Yunnan Province, Ancalou Town Central Primary School in Caoxian County, Shandong Province, and Dongkou County, Hunan Province Yanglin Town Central Primary School and other rural schools carry out teaching activities. The school will also organize volunteers to provide rural schools with remote assistance in science education and campus cultural atmosphere creation. (Finish)