Honda's main factory in America continues production suspension Cyber ​​attack June 10 18:43

Honda revealed that the production control system of its main US factory was infected with a virus due to an external cyber attack, and production has been suspended.

Due to a cyber attack from the outside, Honda had an internal network failure on the 8th, temporarily affecting shipments and production at domestic and overseas factories.

According to the company, at the main factory in Ohio, USA, the system that manages the car production line has been confirmed to have been infected with a virus, and the system failure has continued.

As a result, the plant has been out of operation for 10 days and is in a hurry to recover, with the goal of reopening this week.

On the other hand, in Japan, we have already resumed factory shipments, and on the morning of the 10th, we also lifted restrictions on employees' PC usage.

However, on the 8th, virus infections have been confirmed mainly on the PCs that accessed the in-house server, so we are rushing to understand the detailed situation.

Honda was hit by a cyber attack at a factory in Saitama prefecture three years ago, affecting the production of about 1,000 vehicles.