The nation's #1 delivery app delivery nation (Baemin) fixes unfair service terms and conditions such as'We are not responsible for the quality of food in restaurants and the reliability of information posted by restaurants or consumers.'

The Fair Trade Commission today (9th) reviewed unfair provisions such as unjust immunity and unilateral termination of contract among the terms that Baemin signed with consumers, and revealed that Baemin voluntarily corrected the terms and conditions during the investigation and ended the review process.

The FTC started this review by claiming that the consumer using the delivery app said,'Baemin stopped the service without individual notice.'

In the process, additional unfair provisions were also judged by the authorities.

According to the FTC's findings, the provisions of the terms and conditions corrected by Baemin are ▲ provisions that unfairly exempt the operator's liability ▲ provisions of the operator's unilateral termination ▲ provisions that suspend the service without notifying individual consumers ▲ notification methods to consumers There are four unfairly disadvantaged provisions.

In the existing terms and conditions, Bae Min stated that he is not responsible for the quality of restaurant products, the information posted by the restaurant on the app, or the reliability and accuracy of reviews posted by consumers, and does not bear any liability for damages unless intentional or gross negligence. I did.

The Fair Trade Commission said, "Even if the boat owner is a platform operator that does not directly deal with food and beverages, if there are reasons in the transaction process, the liability cannot be exempted from the law and should not provide extensive immunity regardless of whether or not management obligations are fulfilled. "I pointed out.

In response, Bae Min changed the terms to the point that'even if there is a deliberate or negligent responsibility for Baemin, even if damage occurs due to reasons attributable to the restaurant or the consumer'.

When Baemin canceled the contract, he had to go through the notice process.

In the meantime, the terms and conditions were only that'the effect takes effect only if the boater notifies the intention to terminate the contract.'

When changing or discontinuing the service, we have also changed the terms and conditions to notify you through the website or the notification screen in the app.

In the event of a change or interruption that greatly affects users, individual notifications are made.

In addition, various other notices were previously posted only on the website, but in the future, the terms and conditions have been revised to give individual notices according to their importance.

An official from the Korea Fair Trade Commission said, "We expect to improve the industry's unfair contract practices and prevent consumer damage by correcting the terms of delivery policy, the #1 delivery app provider." "We will further check the terms of the delivery app industry to create a fair market ecosystem." "

The FTC plans to further examine the terms and conditions of consumer use of Yogi and delivery boxes, and also look into the terms and conditions that three delivery apps, such as Baemin, Yogi, and delivery boxes, enter into with restaurants.

(Photo = nationality of delivery, Yonhap News)