Yen exchange rate modest price movement June 8 17:59

On the 8th, the Tokyo foreign exchange market and the yen exchange rate were small.

The yen exchange rate as of 5 pm was 11 yen compared to last weekend, and the yen's depreciation against the dollar was 1 yen = 109.48 yen to 50 yen.

For the euro, it was 42 sen compared to last weekend, 1 euro = 123.71 sen to 75 sen when the yen appreciated against the euro.

The euro was 1 euro = 1.1300 to 01 dollars against the dollar.

A market official said, “The dollar buying, which is expected to recover the US economy, and the dollar selling by domestic export companies have mixed, resulting in a modest price movement. So, this week, we need to keep an eye on the stock market as well as the trend of new coronavirus infections."