New Corona “New Everyday Life” Sales Style The search for a new style is June 8th 18:06

The new coronavirus is about to change the way we live and work. Companies, restaurants, and service industries are still in a difficult situation because they have not been able to recover the significantly depressed sales, but there is also a movement to seek a new sales style that responds to the new daily routine.

The beauty salon in front of Daikanyama Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line is a popular shop that is visited by many people from afar. Reservations were canceled one after another in April when an emergency was declared, and the store refrained from operating for a week. Sales fell to 30% to 40% of the level before the infection spread. In order to pay the rent and personnel expenses, we made use of as many support measures as possible, such as national sustainable benefits, real government financial institutions, and interest-free and unsecured loans, to surpass the situation.

We reopened business in the middle of April, but we are reducing the number of reservations and spacing between the seats so that the inside of the store is not so-called "3 dense". For this reason, sales do not easily return to the level before the spread of infection. In the “With Corona” era where people live with viruses, it is becoming commonplace to keep the store crowded, so the beauty salon has decided to take a new approach.

One of them is the establishment of an online store. We decided to sell shampoos, treatments, styling agents, etc. that were sold to people who visited the store on the Internet. The staff also sends information on styling tips that can be done at home through SNS and blogs. We are trying to increase contact points with customers. Although it is not enough to compensate for the decline in sales at the moment, we would like to make the two pillars of the store and online a new sales style corresponding to the "with corona" era.

Ryusuke Naito, the manager of the beauty salon "Like", said, "I've noticed new things through the spread of the infection. I would like to start working with the plus alpha rather than returning to the original state before corona." It was.