DERQ, a company that specializes in artificial intelligence technologies and patented by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has revealed its cooperation with Dubai Silicon Oasis to use its technologies to provide solutions that help cities to combat the emerging corona virus (Covid- 19), by creating a platform that relies on artificial intelligence technology and helps maintain the safety of community members and monitor their compliance with the prevention instructions recommended by the relevant authorities.

This came within the framework of the partnership between Dubai Silicon Oasis and the companies and institutions specialized in providing advanced solutions, which had to face the various challenges that cities may face with innovations that contribute to ensuring the best quality of life.

Artificial intelligence

Dairaq uses artificial intelligence technology to help implement global safety standards, by ensuring compliance by all members of society.

The company, which specializes in the field of reducing road accidents using artificial intelligence techniques, uses a number of prestigious global algorithms, through which it adopts the results obtained from cameras installed in public places to measure the proportion of people adhering to safety guidelines, including requirements for social spacing, and wearing Protective masks, in addition to monitoring the extent to which companies and institutions adhere to the safety standards used in the country.

Modern techniques

Dirk has published a number of preventive and precautionary measures for Coved-19 with the aim of supporting cities and enabling them to tackle the spread of the epidemic.

The company uses modern technologies that rely on the pictures taken by road cameras installed in most gathering places and density in terms of number of people.

These pictures are analyzed at high speed to detect and report any violation that may cause harm to society.

The “Dirk” technology provides a dedicated control panel to review the commitment of different parties to preventive instructions and precautionary measures, allowing them to take the necessary steps immediately to ensure community safety.

Stimulating innovation

Vice President and CEO of Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, Dr. Mohammed Al Zarouni said: “In compliance with the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, we are working in the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority to stimulate innovation in the emirate and improve technological services And developing ways to benefit from them to serve the community. ”

He added, "We in the Authority are committed to cooperating with all partners in various sectors in order to exchange knowledge and experience, in addition to adopting best practices and successful smart city solutions."

Al-Zarouni continued: “We are pleased to cooperate again with (Dairaq) to enhance community safety in light of this exceptional circumstance that we are experiencing and the whole world, and our highest priority lies in ensuring the safety and quality of life for all residents of the oasis in particular and the emirate of Dubai and the UAE in general, as this cooperation is related to our mission Essential to leading an intelligent, integrated and sustainable society. ”

Safety promotion

For his part, the CEO of the company, “Dirak”, Dr. George Odeh, said that “the company has been working since its inception to enhance the safety of citizens and society as a whole, and through this initiative, we can contribute to ensuring the application of safety measures in the most important places on public roads, and in hospitals Offices, shopping malls, public beaches and airports. ”

He pointed out that «Dairak’s partnerships with governments and companies, such as the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, enable us to implement this technology and ensure its success.

Support and cooperation

The Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority supports Direc in developing and testing its technology, by conducting direct tests at the Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Collaboration between the two sides dates back to 2017, when the company began experimenting with patented AI video analytics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which enhances road and pedestrian safety for both ordinary and autonomous cars through V2X and flashing AI-powered signs. To predict road accidents, and to notify vehicles sufficient time to avoid them.

The new technology monitors and analyzes the content of road cameras to ensure the commitment of individuals to apply preventive measures.

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