China News Agency, Beijing, June 8 (Reporter Du Yan) Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau said on the 8th that as of the end of May, about 2.6 million migrant workers have returned to Beijing to resume work, plus 400,000 farmers who stayed in Beijing during the Spring Festival There are about 3 million migrant workers in Beijing. At present, Beijing's domestic service industry, accommodation, catering, cultural tourism and other service industries have not yet fully resumed work. It is expected that a new wave of migrant workers returning to Beijing will be ushered in early June.

  With the effective control of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, Beijing resumes its work orderly. During the epidemic, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security actively matched the labor demand of key enterprises and key projects, and adopted a number of measures to serve migrant workers to return to work. The bureau said that according to statistics, as of the end of May, about 2.6 million migrant workers had returned to Beijing to resume work, of which about 1 million migrant workers returned to Beijing to resume work in a "point-to-point, one-stop" direct transportation mode, alleviating labor difficulties and boosting The industrial chain coordinated the resumption of production and reached production.

  According to reports, the above migrant workers from Beijing mainly come from Hebei, Henan, Shanxi, Shandong, Anhui, Sichuan and other major labor export provinces. They are mainly engaged in construction, manufacturing, express delivery, security, residential services and wholesale and retail industries in Beijing. The key enterprises and key projects in Beijing have effectively guaranteed Beijing's urban operations and residents' living needs.

  According to the bureau, at present, service industries such as Beijing's domestic service, patient escort, accommodation, catering, cultural tourism, etc. have not yet been fully reinstated. This is also the industry where migrant workers who have not returned to Beijing are mainly concentrated. Especially in the domestic service industry, the number of employed migrant workers is relatively large. Due to the epidemic, some domestic service workers have not returned to Beijing, and there is still a certain employment gap.

  The bureau pointed out that in the next step, with the implementation of various stable employment and employment arrangements in Beijing, especially the reduction of taxes and fees, rents and interest rates, and expansion of consumption and investment, the package of policies has increased. Catering, shopping malls, cultural tourism, housekeeping The life service industry will accelerate its recovery and development, and the Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Department will strengthen its connection with enterprises in key industries, strengthen normal labor security for epidemic prevention and control, and provide precision employment services for migrant workers returning to Beijing. It is expected that in early June, Beijing will usher in a new wave of migrant workers returning to Beijing. (Finish)