All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines Significantly increased temporary cargo flights 7:40 on June 8 with the restart of economic activities


As air cargo demand is picking up as economic activity resumes, ANA and Japan Airlines plan to significantly increase temporary cargo flights this month on a wide range of routes including Asia, Europe and the United States.

In air freight, demand for medical supplies such as masks and pharmaceuticals, as well as automobile parts, semiconductors, etc., is picking up as factories around the world restart.

However, due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, passenger planes that carry cargo along with it have been significantly suspended and reduced in number, and ANA has operated about 440 temporary flights this month with a cargo plane. I will.

It plans to operate on a wide range of routes, mainly in Asia, including Europe and the United States, making it the largest ever temporary flight in history.

Also, since April, we have started to operate as a freighter flight without passengers on passenger aircraft, and this month we will operate about 400 flights.

Meanwhile, Japan Airlines, which does not have a dedicated freighter, will also operate about 1,200 flights this month by converting passenger aircraft into freighter flights.

In addition, Japan Airlines' new cheap airline "Zip Air" has postponed the scheduled flight last month due to the spread of infection, but from the 3rd of this month as a cargo flight that can not carry passengers Narita Airport and Bangkok Thailand Began operation between. Companies will continue to look at trends in demand and consider increasing the number of temporary cargo flights.