Olivier Bouscatel, a Toulouse restaurateur, turned to his insurer to try to obtain compensation. But the latter made him a clause in his contract, stating that he was insured against a possible epidemic, but only ... if he was the only affected in the department. 

They were able to relaunch their activity this week. However, for several restaurateurs, the fight continues to obtain compensation from their insurer, in order to cover operating losses linked to confinement. But often, looking at their contract, some discover strange clauses complicating this compensation. This is the case of Olivier Bouscatel, a Toulouse restaurateur. 

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"I assure you against falling, unless you fall"

Running several restaurants in Toulouse, he had nevertheless taken the highest level of guarantee. But when, a few days after the start of the confinement, Olivier Bouscatel turned to his insurer Axa, he was far from expecting this response. "I was told that I did have an operating loss without damage, so everything was perfect. I also had the epidemic which was covered in my contract. However, I had to be the only one in the department was affected by the said epidemic, "he explains to the microphone of Europe 1. 


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"It comes down to saying to you:" I assure you against falling, unless you fall, "he regrets. And to conclude:" We just ask to apply the law and that contracts are respected ".

Colossal losses

Especially since the losses are colossal for Olivier Bouscatel, who continued to pay his rent, or 10,000 euros for his only restaurant in Place du Capitole, as well as the credits. He has taken out a state guaranteed loan and has no idea how he can pay it off in a year. He will therefore attack AXA with other restaurant friends, but fears that insurance will not play the watch, and that for many, it is too late when they finally get their compensation.