Demonstration in Tel Aviv against plans to annex part of the West Bank

Demonstration against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plan to annex parts of the Israeli-occupied West Bank in Tel Aviv on June 6, 2020. REUTERS / Amir Cohen

Text by: Michel Paul

In Tel Aviv, thousands of people demonstrated on Saturday June 6 against the annexation of the Jordan Valley and the attachment of settlement blocks to Israel. A project that the Prime Minister of Israel is trying to promote as part of the century deal of American President Donald Trump.


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From our special correspondent in Tel Aviv,

“  We will fight against the occupation and against annexation. Thousands of leftist, Jewish and Arab activists are demonstrating against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plan to establish Israeli sovereignty over part of the West Bank next month .

Rabin Square in Tel Aviv black flags, red flags and also the Palestinian colors. A plan that is not good for anyone in the end, said several of the speakers. For Noam, one of the demonstrators, the annexation is the catastrophic scenario: "  If in reality there is a process of annexation which begins, it is a horrible danger. It is simply apartheid. "

Tamar Zandberg, member of the dove Meretz party, believes that it is not too late to thwart Netanyahu's project. I hope that together we can stop this. We have a month with the international community and the Israeli public. Now is the time to do it.  "

Unexpected guest of the demonstration, in a video message former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders called to fight against authoritarian leaders.

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