Keizai Doyukai Proposals such as regulatory reform for the post-Corona society 19:58 June 4

The Keizai Doyukai held a general meeting on the 4th, and Mr. Sakurada thought that he would set up a new organization to discuss the society and economy that will be greatly changed by the new coronavirus, and actively propose future regulatory reforms. I showed you.

In addition to the reappointment of the representative secretary Sakurada at the general meeting, four new representative secretaries were elected, including Nobuaki Kurumaya of Toshiba and Takeshi Shinnami of Suntory Holdings.

At the start of the second year of activities, Mr. Sakurada said, "The spread of the new coronavirus infection has a great impact on all aspects of individual life, work styles, business forms, etc." He set up a new organization to discuss the economy and the economy and actively proposed regulatory reform.

At the press conference after the general meeting, four new deputy secretary-generals greeted, and President Kurumatani of Toshiba said, "In order to make the post-Corona society a better society, we would like to contribute to policy proposals with a big vision and bright outlook. ".