"Electrical antibacterial effect" Develop new fiber 5:39 on June 5

A major electronic component manufacturer, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and a textile manufacturer, Teijin Frontier, have developed fibers with antibacterial effects. It means that when the fiber expands and contracts, a weak electricity is generated, which has the effect of reducing bacteria.

Tsuneo Murata, Chairman and President of Murata Manufacturing, and Shinji Nikko, President of Teijin Frontier, announced at a press conference in Osaka.

The newly developed fiber generates weak electricity when it expands and contracts.

This means that electricity can reduce bacteria and give fibers an antibacterial effect.

Although there are many fibers that have antibacterial effects, it means that metals and chemicals are generally used.

The company says that the new fiber has an antibacterial effect on itself, so there is no need to use chemicals and it is also environmentally friendly.

Assuming that it will be used for clothing such as sportswear, socks, and masks, we would like to start selling this year.

It has been confirmed in previous studies that it is effective not only against bacteria but also with viruses, and we are proceeding with verification of the new coronavirus.

Murata's Chairman and President Murata said, “Electrical fiber is the fiber of the future with infinite possibilities. I want to take on the challenge of creating new value.”