Leopalace 21 Considering voluntary retirement recruitment of 1,000 people due to poor business performance June 6: 6:18

We found that Leopalace21, which is suffering from poor construction such as built apartments, is considering a 1000-year-old voluntary retirement.

The company is likely to make downward revisions to its earnings forecast for the coming fiscal year, with the final deficit expected to grow further than previously expected.

Leopalace 21 has found construction deficiencies such as the fireproof structure of the apartment not meeting the standards of the law, and in response to this problem, expenses such as renovation work swelled, and the occupancy rate of the apartment is sluggish As a result, business performance has deteriorated.

The company assumed that the final profit and loss would be 30.4 billion yen in the deficit in the fiscal year ending March, but according to the people concerned, the earnings forecast was revised downward and the amount of the final deficit was further increased. Expected to expand.

Along with the deterioration of business performance, the company is considering recruiting voluntary retirement plans for 1,000 employees, which is 18% of all employees.

This is the first time for a voluntary retirement to be recruited due to a series of construction defects.