Passenger planes from China will no longer be welcome in the United States (US) from June 16, the US Department of Transportation announced on Wednesday. In recent months, tensions between Beijing and Washington have risen again due to the corona crisis.

The decision was prompted by the fact that passenger aircraft from the US have not been admitted to China for some time. The Ministry of Transport writes that this goes against an agreement between the two countries.

US airlines have not been flying to China since February and March, while a number of Chinese airlines have not stopped flights to the US. Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Hainan Airlines are currently flying to American destinations.

Delta Airlines and United Airlines would like to fly to the Asian country again. "We support and appreciate the steps the US government is taking to protect our rights and create a level playing field," Delta said in a statement.

Beijing has not yet responded to the US decision. Washington writes that it is willing to reconsider the decision if the Chinese aviation authority changes its policy and improves the situation for US airlines.