China News Service, Beijing, June 3 (Reporter Du Yan) The Beijing consumer season with the theme of "taste consumption, life of FUN" will be officially launched on June 6 (Saturday) to "Eleven "It ends after the Golden Week and covers ten areas including catering, shopping, culture, tourism, leisure, entertainment, education, sports, fitness, and travel. During this period, the 2.2 billion government-enterprise special “coupon” Lianfa + 10 billion platform 10,000 “coupon” will be issued to strongly stimulate consumer enthusiasm.

  Today, the reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce that the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in 2020 will have a major impact on the Beijing consumer market. In order to reduce the impact of the epidemic, Beijing has continued to carry out the "epiology prevention and supply online" promotion promotion activities since March. , And in conjunction with the good opportunity for Beijing’s public health emergency emergency response level to be adjusted to level 2 on April 30, timely launch of “Several Measures on Prevention and Control of “May Day” Holiday Epidemic and Promotion of Consumption” to realize key retail catering enterprises The cumulative sales of the 5-day holiday recovered to more than 90% of the same period last year, effectively prospering the Beijing “May 1” holiday consumer market.

  At present, the national epidemic prevention and control blocking battle has achieved major strategic results. Beijing will host a large-scale citywide consumption promotion event in the Beijing consumer season, accurately and orderly promote the resumption of commerce and resumption of the market, accelerate the recovery of consumer sentiment and confidence, and make every effort to prevent the epidemic. Control the steady economy and promote development under the normalized situation.

  According to reports, the Beijing consumer season with the theme of "taste consumption, life of FUN" will be officially launched on June 6 (Saturday), and will end after the "Eleventh" Golden Week and launch "Beijing Color" The six major activities of “Beijing Bonds”, “Beijing Products”, “Beijing Rhymes”, “Beijing Flavors” and “Beijing Xuan” cover ten areas including catering, shopping, culture, tourism, leisure, entertainment, education, sports, fitness and travel.

  The consumption season in Beijing will adopt the "government stage, corporate singing, and all people's participation" model. Through online and offline full-scenario layout, all-industry linkage, and omni-channel resonance, "weekly activities, monthly and monthly highlights, and seasonal The climax and the actual effect at the end of the year". At present, more than 400 key activities have been sorted out, including more than 200 key activities such as Yejing City and Parent-Child Festival in June.

  Among them, the Jingcai section will hold a start-up event, five press conferences, and a hundred "live broadcast with goods" activities, which will light up Yejing City and continue to create consumer hot spots. The Beijing securities section will adopt a model of 2.2 billion government-enterprise specialised "bonds" and a 10 billion platform ten thousand "bonds" issued together to benefit consumers and strongly stimulate consumer enthusiasm. The Jingpin segment highlights quality, brand and taste, and opens the nine linkages to create an online and offline omnichannel consumption atmosphere. The Jingwei section, with the theme of playing with Beijing cuisine, launched a monthly special catering promotion. The Beijing Rhyme section carries out a series of "six ten" activities around the main cultural line. The Jingxuan section, "All the people come together to exercise", upgrades equipment with the heart, empowers health with action, and creates the future with competition. During the consumption season, various districts will carry out a variety of features such as "Dongcheng e stuttering good taste", "Fengtai Online Yuntao Good Things", "Shijingshan Jingxi Consumer Festival", "Taste Life and Happy Fangshan", "Happy Tongzhou Happy Shopping" and other features in combination with regional special resources. activity.

  In addition, in order to support the accelerated restart of Hubei's economy and society, this consumption season will also hold the "Hubei Week" and set up Hubei specialty specialty areas in Wangfujing Department Store and other places to promote the sales of Hubei's products, especially poverty alleviation products. (Finish)