On the 21st of last month, a 34-year-old subcontractor who was working on welding an LNG carrier at the 14th wall of the Hyundai Heavy Industries Shipbuilding Division died. This year alone, four workers have already lost their lives in Hyundai Heavy Industries. Moreover , the day the accident occurred was the day after the Special Labor Supervision of the Ministry of Employment and Labor ended .

This 30-year-old worker was in the process of assisting with pipe welding inside a LNG carrier. It is presumed to have suffocated due to lack of oxygen while using argon gas for welding. An official from the Hyundai Heavy Industries Union said that there were frequent special supervisions such as'blindfolded and awful'. The request for the extension of special work supervision, which was requested because of this concern, was not accepted, and the serious disaster occurred again as a result of ignoring it.

● A company with 0.85 deaths per month for 46 years…

Immediately after the accident occurred on the day after the special labor supervision of the “Special Management of Hyundai Heavy Industries” by the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Employment and Labor, the supervisory authority, was also in trouble. It has also been pointed out that the Ministry of Labor's supervision gives no attention to the company and cannot change the field. The Ministry of Employment and Labor decided to designate Hyundai Heavy Industries as a'safety management-defective workplace' and to implement high-intensity close management. They will form a permanent supervisory team and manage it intensively during the months of June and July. In the second half of the year, a safety guard for shipbuilding was introduced to patrol the workplace. The expression of'very bad' and special management of the Ministry of Labor were unusual. That means that the government is seriously seeing the deaths of Hyundai Heavy Industries.

●'Special management' and'safety guard' might stop repeated deaths,

but few workers in the field believe that these measures will save their lives. An official from Hyundai Heavy Industries said, "If there is a close monitoring, there is a structural problem that must be done again and incomplete work . It's not a tinkering prescription, it's now the Ministry of Labor and the company approach to solving the underlying problem.

The worker who died in this accident belonged to a secondary supplier that was recontracted from the primary supplier of Hyundai Heavy Industries. It was literally belonging to the subcontractor of the subcontractor. If you do not undermine this multi-level subcontracting employment structure that will drive workers to death, it is impossible to guarantee how many workers will be killed in the future.

● “It is dangerous to “outsource” normal work, not “outsourcing” of risk

. They are shouting the right to'do not die' at work. In order to do this, it is not only safety measures that need to be done, but the root causes of serious disasters must be eliminated. Hyundai Heavy Industries, where 467 workers died, has never been severely punished by a CEO or corporation. Most of them were suspicious or lightly fined. This is the reason why they are sharper and cry out for the Greater Disaster Company Punishment Act .